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PETER GABRIEL / Tony Levin - Sledgehammer / ISOLATED BASS

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It pre-dates the ‘funk fingers’. I think it was on a Cutlass 11 (Sabre with a Modulus graphite neck). Whatever, it sounds excellent - and as on one or two other occasions with isolated bass parts, has shown I’m playing slightly more notes than TL did in the linking sections in the cover version we do. I use my Classic Sabre (mahogany body) with an octave pedal for the track - it sounds very authentic!! 

Thanks for posting this @Bart Funk Bass - it is a great example to demonstrate P basses with flats were pretty much anathema in the 80s and 90s!! 

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11 hours ago, Maude said:

I thought this was his famed Funk Fingers, or whatever he called them. 

They featured on the track Big Time (also from the So album). On the album version, Tony Levin played the left hand and Jerry Marotta drummed the right. Needing a viable way to simulate this live, the funk fingers were invented.

I seem to recall him even having a three string bass built for this purpose, when playing the song live, allowing more space between the strings.

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1 hour ago, Lozz196 said:

Agree, as has been said it seems it’s the imperfections that make these parts sit so well in the tracks. 

Yep! At the risk of over analysing the part - It's interesting to note that all those string squeaks add to the rhythm of the bass track, some of them aren't necessary (as in, consecutive notes that aren't any distance apart), but they clearly help Tony Levin get into the groove of the track and give a great performance. Afterall, that IS the main objective of a bass player, or any musician🤘.

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