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  1. Just listened to Superstition on Amazon Music. The quality is supposedly Ultra HD🤔 Guess that depends on the source. I have to agree with the dclaassen! I know my ears are bad, but... the drum intro sound is pretty dire! That, and the bottom end generally sounds pretty poor. We all know that Turd Polishing abounds in the music world! I guess in the case of Superstition (which was hugely successful) it shows that it's very hard to tarnish a diamond🤩
  2. The track Firth of Fifth has got to be Genesis at their most progtastic🤩. It has everything that made Genesis great: Wonderful classicalesque (did I just make up that word?) piano intro; Lyrics that sound profound but am still to this day clueless as to their meaning; movement from one contrasting section to another; synth solos, soaring guitar solo; uncommon time signatures, it's even got Mellotron in all it's prog glory for chrissakes! What's not to like? If you're a Sex Pistols fan on the other hand🤪
  3. Apparently, there are those that claim it was in actual fact James Jamerson. Again, there is no documentation to support the claim.
  4. I'm amazed! Is this still really a thing? I've been a professional musician for more than 40 years. In my early years it was very difficult to get motor insurance. Most companies would flatly refuse on hearing the word "musician". Those that would accept me would charge through the nose. The only way I could get insurance was via the MU. In more recent years I've not had a problem. I've used most of the major companies: AXA; Aviva; Direct Line etc, changing companies every year or two. Comparison websites are a real saviour and time saver. I'm sure we all know by now, but always worth remembering, when it comes to insurers - Loyalty DOES NOT pay, and DO NOT opt for automatic annual renewal!
  5. 😲 It's funny, as I said in my previous post, the hideous scratch plate/control panel on the 4 stringer (imo) deterred me from making a purchase for many years... until I realised that (imo) the 5 string scratchplate was far more agreeable. I subsequently added a beautiful spangly candy red, black scratchplate, rosewood neck, piezo, 5er to my arsenal. Sadly, it quickly became apparent that I was not at all at home playing a 5 stringer 🥴! Hey ho, such is life!
  6. I've always liked the sound of a Stingray, but I could never get over the hideous scratch plate/control panel! It's hard to imagine that there was more than 5 minutes of thought put into its design!
  7. It was charming to see Bruce and Dave, themselves huge mega stars, suddenly look like little school boys who couldn't quite believe that they were on stage with Macca, an ex Beatle. They were totally in awe!
  8. I was going to make a comment... but, after that Prophet 5 solo I'm rendered speechless🫢😵‍💫
  9. Paul, John, George and Ringo brought so much joy to millions. It's impossible to imagine a world without The Beatles. Happy birthday, Paul. And thanks for enriching mine, and so many people's lives🎂🥂
  10. Generally speaking, if you're getting rattles and buzzes at the higher frets, it's not just an action issue. If I had that problem, I would give the truss rod a very slight tighten, just a 1/16 - 1/8 of a clockwise turn for now. You will then possibly need to raise the action. Basically, you want to have buzzes equally over the entire fretboard, and then set the action to taste. Edit: Just seen your comment that it's not a neck relief issue. seeing your video, I didn't really hear anything untoward. As you've found, playing nearer to the bridge will reduce any clank and clatter. It may just be a slight technique adjustment is needed.
  11. The mini series Pistol (watched 3 episodes) has confirmed my long held belief: Malcolm McLaren could have got any 4 scruffy 'erberts together, told them to be angry and obnoxious, call them The Sex Pistols, and had success and notoriety.
  12. Absolutely! As great as TI Spinal Tap is - real life has a way of of creating more bizarre and more ludicrous situations, kind of out-Spinalling Spinal🤘
  13. Is there a rock/pop musician alive that hasn't uttered, at some point, a variation on the words "This is soooo Spinal Tap"?
  14. Late 70s I bought an aria SB1000, and early 80s an Ibanez MC924. I still have the SB1000. The MC924 lasted about 12 months before selling it. IMV It just didn't feel and sound like a proper bass.
  15. I always felt that the Sex Pistols were taken far too seriously. The trailer looks to be a good example of that.
  16. I thought the same thing - don't recall Jethro Tull or Yes being sued🤘
  17. Did this Switch fella bring the case himself? Or was it (as is usual) publisher against publisher? Hopefully, for Switch, it's the latter😐 Listening to Ed Sheeran you'd think this was a new trend. When I started in the business, *cough* more than 45 years ago, there was already the oft used phrase, "Where there's a hit, there's a writ!"
  18. To be fair, that response isn't unique to the music business. FWIW I tend to agree with the "American gentleman". Many thousands of people would have been adversely affected financially had the tour been cancelled. PT had to consider hundreds of peoples livelihoods (some of whom could have suffered serious financial problems), not to mention the many hundreds of thousands of punters who would have been out of pocket after paying for flights, hotels etc to see the show. I'm pretty sure JE wouldn't have wanted The who to cancel.
  19. It's a zombie thread, but it's an interesting question nonetheless. Looking through the comments I'm surprised to see that some have said how similar they are🤔 I see nothing similar about them other than they were both in rock bands and made names for themselves. Chris Squire was predominantly a pick player. John Entwistle was known for his unusual finger style. CS's bass parts were pretty much written and set in stone. JE's bass parts were largely improvised. CS's lines incorporated a mixture of pentatonics and diatonic scale tones*. JE's lines leaned more towards the use of pentatonics*. (* These are just my general perceptions - I haven't done an in depth study.) They both had very different sounds. I don't prefer one over the other - I was a fan of both!🙂
  20. Wow, I'd forgotten about the Bell's Catalogue. A friend of mine used to have a copy that he'd bring to school, and we'd pass it around in class (usually French lessons). This reminds me that I used to draw guitars all over my school books🤩. I think I still have those books somewhere... I'm off to see if I can find them😉
  21. That's how it was in the "olden days"! Those first impressions stay with you 😊 Changing tack slightly... Whenever I see a photo of Buddy Holly with his sunburst Strat - it always looks to me like someone from the 50s playing something left on Earth by an extra terrestrial.🤩 Thanks, although the purists would likely give me good ticking off for modding(?) it😁 It still sounds and plays as well as it did on the day I bought it.
  22. Thanks Dave, I quite enjoyed going back, remembering those days as I was writing🙂 😄 In the early 80s I went through a period of tinkering with it, so, sad to say, it's had a few mods(?): DIY respray (no longer sunburst🙁) Refret & relacquered neck Badass bridge Couple of micro switches - series/parallel & switchable tone Apart from that it's all original😁 Anyway, here it is in all its bastardised glory...
  23. Looking through the comments, I'm feeling really old (which, of course, I am) In my day, when there was very little choice, my friends and myself (who were attempting to form a band, but as 13 year olds couldn't afford any decent instruments) would religiously watch TOTP, and salivate over our chosen instruments when they appeared. The majority of basses on show were P basses - they just looked so futuristic and "other-worldly"! Imagine when we got word that our local music store had got one in and it was on display in the window. I spent what seemed like hours standing outside that shop, drooling over that sunburst P bass. It took me about 4 years before I was in a position to indulge in the ultimate retail therapy and actually buy one... on the "never never", of course! For about the first year It lived in the corner of my bedroom, so If I woke up in the middle of the night, I could turn the light on and admire its wonderful curves. Now, 53 years later, that very same P bass is on view in my lounge. It's served me well, and continues to do so🙂 It was the single most important purchase of my life! I can't say it was "on a whim", but it was most certainly "cos of its looks"
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