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  1. Congratulations. Love that SR5 Special - got to love a natural Stingray. How long do you think you’ll last before succumbing to GAS again? 😉
  2. That sounds interesting - will you be having a filter EQ? Oh yes I know - however I haven’t looked at any on line bass shops since receiving these new basses haha!! 😁
  3. Indeed - very rare. They didn’t make them for long - something to do with difficulties matching the neck colour to the body - which isn’t a problem on mine. I think it’s just another option, cheaper than via a dealer - standard spec instruments aren’t available through direct sales (The Vault) though. Wow - that’s very nice indeed (if somewhat expensive 😳) - however I won’t be buying any more basses for the foreseeable!!
  4. Agreed - the SR5 20th Anniversary is a great bass (I think the mahogany tone block affects the tone - mahogany works very well with Musicman basses (30th Anniversary Stingray and my mahog bodied Sabre are other cases of this) Fabulous bass - love the white LEDs
  5. Don’t be tempting me 😂
  6. I dig the evil twin!! Love the stealth look 😎 Ive had a little more playing time with the bass - it feels great and the light weight is unbelievable - my back is applauding both this and the TC Stingray - the Bongo is slightly lighter (the TC Stingray is approx 8 lbs). The fretboard has no markers which is a nice clean look, lovely grain and figuring. However (and thankfully), it has markers on the top - quite discrete as they are light coloured. Some more gratuitous pics!!
  7. Spookily it arrived with a large piece of foam around the end of the headstock and the Bongo case has a piece of leather fitted in the case to prevent the headstock from making contact with the aluminium on the inside of the frame of the case. I guess I could play with the big piece of foam on the headstock 😁 Anyway, another piece of info - it appears to weigh somewhere less than 8 lbs - which is excellent. Thanks for the comments guys - it’s a great bass - only 66 made, I believe. It’s called a Bongo Crescendo - and has a BFR neck plate.
  8. My NBD arrived yesterday - a rather tasty MM Bongo. Plays beautifully and looks the biz - it has a subtle light sparkle in the colour!! The fretboard is roasted and figured maple and there’s no pickguard. It appears to have taken exactly 10 days from build to reaching me - this was a direct order through their ‘Vault’ on line system - as was the long scale TC passive Stingray I bought - seems to be a seamless process. I’m sure it’ll be first choice for wedding gigs 😀
  9. Fabulous - and that bass sound is so warm and defined.
  10. Couldn’t you simply order a custom body from Warmoth or similar - the Stingray body is pretty similar to a P bass body but with different (and less extensive) routing?
  11. Aha - I wondered how long it would be before someone noticed that……. I put my hands up to that - having been taken in for years by the ‘all the top players use flatwounds and don’t change their strings ever’ bass forum stories, I’m so out of practice changing strings that I hadn’t realised that bass guitar strings are supplied to fit 50” scale length, it seems - however it sounds fine and I was worried if I remove them and trim the length one or other would break in the process (as has happened to me in the past trimming the length of strings with silk wraps…….). Ps no intoxication but quite a few swear words were expended 😂😂😁
  12. There are light Stingrays around from pre 2018, but they’re more likely to be 9.5 lbs plus. However the Stingray Specials (and particularly the 4 strings) are usually in the 8-9 lb range and often at the lighter end and below. I’ve just got a Tim Commerford signature ash bodied Stingray - it’s a bit of a hybrid as it is normal scale, has the lightweight hardware throughout, except the steel bridge with strings through and mutes as per a Stingray Classic - and passive electronics - but it weighs 8 lbs. NB it (along with the Stingray Specials) has a 5 bolt sculpted neck joint (as opposed to the 6 bolt joint used from circa 1991-2018). The point is these latest EBMM basses are generally very light, even at standard 34” scale. I’m guessing the short scale, downsized ones are even lighter. And all have the classic MM headstock referred to.
  13. This sounds great. However having caught the news headlines last night which covered Man U’s 5-1 win over Leeds - and seemingly a capacity crowd (and all other Premiership matches having a similar situation) I wonder whether similar precautions re Covid are taken, will this will be a super spreader situation followed by a huge spike in infections in a couple of weeks? Time will tell I guess.
  14. Still available earlier today!! How are you guys getting on with the passive electronics? I really like the way the bass is voiced - pure Stingray sound!! @Eldon Tyrell I guess the figuring on the natural bodies is somewhat luck as to what you get - I would have preferred more figuring on the front on mine but hey ho!! The back on mine is quite nice but there again only I’ll know that unless someone sees a photo!!
  15. Congratulations guys - both basses look great - @Eldon Tyrell yours looks a very light colour like mine. These are excellent basses in my view and very rare in the U.K. I’m thinking 😊
  16. drTStingray


    👍 yeah I’d probably be interested - have another bass on order currently…… The TC is really nice and with passive electronics, which are really good. The Kingpin is nice (but about £700 more than if you bought it on line from EBMM - it’s supposed to be an on line exclusive!!!)
  17. drTStingray


    Wow 😳 I knew you had one of these - when did the other turn up?? As I’ve said before, if you ever think of selling one……(now you have two of them 😏) This is my lightest bass - I don’t know the exact weight but it’s near as damn it 8 lbs. I agree re heavier basses - as long as they balance they’re fine with me (although I don’t have a bad back - just advancing years)!!
  18. Thanks guys - I’m really loving this bass - it will be used at my next gigs at the end of August 👍 can’t wait to hear it at gig volume but it sounds great at home practice level (and a bit louder when I tried the volume boost/cut).
  19. But the sound is fabulous - sounds very Jack Bruce. Interesting to hear Neil Murray on bass on Politician as well. I don’t know if it’s just me (I’ve not followed Jethro Tull for years) but Ian Anderson appearing like an aging middle class country gentleman but still sounding fairly similar to how he did back in 1970 (when he looked rather like a manic long haired country type hippy) was a little incongruous.
  20. drTStingray


    My basses have a range of weights and frankly, if this was 1980 I would have absolutely no interest in how much a bass weighed!!! The sound and look was what I was after so for example:- 1) pastel shade guitars and basses were totally unhip (and had been since the Shadows were passé in the mid 60s - in fact they’d become almost a variety act but were just having a resurgence (with Alan Jones playing an active bass). 2) Fender basses were totally passé - you needed to be able to slap (would probably fail auditions if you couldn’t), and get a fat sound like a keyboard (bassists, guitarists and drummers were losing jobs to keyboard players and machines!!) - they were ok for punk and ska 3) the weight of a bass had no bearing as far as I remember!!! These days, most of my basses are 9-10 lbs but I have a Stingray 5 which is a bit heavier - more recently, new basses I’ve bought have been 8 lbs of a bit over. To be honest, weight of basses still only really affects my thinking if I have a long gig to do. There are other considerations - will it be a very dark stage? If so definitely not fretless and possibly maple board will be easier to see. For v long gigs I would either take more than one bass or a very light one - however I don’t udder from a bad back so can’t comment on that - but with a decent padded strap and a well balanced bass, a heavier bass won’t make a big difference to me - I’d probably pick a lighter bass if I’m doing a long gig - probably my age makes me think like that!! 😬
  21. Thanks - I’m spending another afternoon playing it!! 😁👍
  22. I was pleasantly surprised how good the passive electronics sound - I think I’ve said elsewhere, I really like the series pick up setting with the tone set around the centre of its travel. Just a really nice bass all round, and (the version I have) mixes the classic Stingray natural body/large bridge with black hardware and the Stingray Special neck and neck/body joint.
  23. Yeah I’m watching it - it’s very good - I never realised that they recruited Willie Weeks when Tyrone Porter left the band, towards its initial end. Nice film of him playing an LPB Precision 🙂
  24. Monday will be here soon enough!! I’m sure you’ll love the bass when it arrives 👍😊 - as you may know, those of us buying new, limited or unusual Musicman models have been used to waiting 6 months plus to take delivery (certainly was with my 5HH Special!!) so just over a week is unheard of unless buying from dealer stock!!
  25. I bought it within a day of announcement!! But this variant sold out quickly!!
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