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I want a Mustang but which one?


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I thought my bass buying days were over and I haven't been near Basschat for years...
But just when you think you're out, they pull you back in :)


I suddenly want a Mustang and I've narrowed it down to 3 main contenders - Squier Classic Vibe, Fender Vintera or Fender JMJ signature.

Does anyone have experience of any or all of these basses?
Is the difference in quality justified by the relative prices? 


My gigging days are probably over, it's mainly for recording reggae and dub music.

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If your budget will stretch, go for the JMJ, mine is fabulous. The Squier is great for the money, but has a J type nut width (something I’m not keen on). The Vintera plays nicely and sounds good (I believe the JMJ is a basically a customised Vintera, but I wouldn’t swear to it). The JMJ neck is super comfy for me and the Seymour Duncan pickup is a serious upgrade to the one in the Vintera. The relic job is clearly a template with repeated ding patterns, so not the best, although, being nitro, will wear nicely (if this is your kind of thing). Downsides of the JMJ would apply to all 3 Mustang versions from my POV: one fret short of perfect and the neck joint is somewhat restrictive, joining the body at about the 13.5 fret mark.

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Another thumbs up for the JMJ.  I've had a few Mustangs, Squier and CIJ and the JMJ has been the best of the bunch.  The pickup is excellent and has a great variation in tone.  As ezbass says, the relic job isn't to all tastes but it's executed fairly well (it's nicer than the Limelight Jazz I used to own) and it does make the bass feel more playable (the finish on the neck is very comfy).

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It was mate, a CIJ reissue from about 2002.  It was a really nice bass but I found I was using my Mikey Way Mustang more than this one so I eventually let it go.  Still tend to use the Mikey Way most but that's more because it feels like a pair of comfy slippers on a gig...oh and the large flake silver glitter finish lol.

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