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  1. Yes, I'm not complainign about anyone. It's music; borrowing, copying, using creatively is normal and good. I'm all for it.
  2. Maybe adifferent thing but ... Muddy Waters knicked it, then the Small Faces knicked it from him to get it ready for Led Zepp ...
  3. I've had two from this supplier and both were a perfect fit. http://www.pickguardplanet.com/fender-squier-mustang-bass/
  4. Top of the Pops 1968, Chris Kefford miming a slab '66 Precision, Roy Wood miming a Bass VI ...
  5. Captain Beefheart's Magic Band had two bassists in the early 1970s: Rockette Morton (Mark Boston) and Orejón (Roy Estrada). Boston also played guitar. Estrada is in prison.
  6. Life's too short, walk away. Especially if singer and band don't even realise there's a problem.
  7. Fender Mustang Bass, crafted in Japan sometime between 1999 and 2002, sporting a Fiesta Red finish and an aftermarket brown tort pickguard.
  8. Yes, I think son regrets selling it.
  9. My son used to have a Crafter SA-TMVS with a Kent Armsrong lipstick pickup, a piezo in the bridge, and an L.R.Baggs preamp. It was around £280 new in 2010ish. Bargain guitar.
  10. It's a nine-year-old thread. The attached pics are probably long gone.
  11. A (major or minor) third higher is common, e.g. Everly Brothers. Personally, I never got much beyond shouting in unison while playing the root note or walking fours. Good luck.
  12. And it's both an Antoni double bass and also a Chinese cello.
  13. Do you prefer not to use 'frets' because intonation should come from the player?
  14. Straightforward dealings, Recommended.
  15. Thanks Larry. I enjoyed the beer, hope you enjoy the book.
  16. Do basswood Squiers sound like basswood EBMM Bongos? Just asking for a friend, obvs.
  17. £15 posted to the UK This is the CD version in tip-top condition. It looks greener than the blue in the picture below - if that matters to you.
  18. or The Beatles, or McCartney individually, or Ringo's drumming.
  19. Well, that's twenty minutes wasted. Basses that looked different but sounded much the same - a bad noise.
  20. According to Jet Harris website, Diamonds was played on a Fender Jaguar ... https://jetharris.biz/jetsgear.htm - scroll down just over half way
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