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  1. This is what's needed ... a twotone sticker ...
  2. That's why I prefer to call it 'pre-damaged'.
  3. I find tone toothpicks have a sharper top end. The wooden ones not the plastic ones, obviously.
  4. Weren't they atttempting to get a whole live album on just one side of 12" vinyl?
  5. Sinatra at the Sands - with Count Basie & the Orchestra Arranged & Conducted by Quincy Jones Otis Redding Live! in London and Paris Bob Marley & the Wailers Live
  6. £4.99 a dozen here ... https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/accessories-c2/picks-plectrums-c50/standard-shape-c407/jim-dunlop-12-pick-player-pack-1-0mm-nylon-standard-guitar-plectrums-p8776
  7. I'll be in the bar or somewhere else of cultural interest.
  8. Can I just make clear that I don't like beaches, or playing on them, or sunbathing, or swimming in the sea, or any other related activities. I'd rather argue about how many grains ... you get the picture.
  9. Would that make violin and cello the same instrument too .... which I'd say they are not.
  10. It depends on the use of the word 'play'. In my case it's probably somewhere between none and one. At a Christmas party some years ago, there was a piano. Several people got up and played mostly carols to which we all sang along. After my son got on the piano and played a few Christmas hits, e.g. Last Christmas, I said 'I didn't realise you could play the piano that well'. He replied 'I can't play the piano at all, but I understand how music works'. So, maybe there's a difference between actually knowing how to play an instrument and being able to get a tune out of it.
  11. I would say yes they are good value and, as far as I was concerned, nothing was in desperate need of upgrade. I thought the pickups were great. The one issue I did have was that the fret ends were very slightly sharp/proud and needed sanding/filing but even that was not serious. Due to a health issue I am now only playing 30" scales, otherwise I would definitely have kept the Embassy.
  12. Again as I recall, the body was thinner than a P bass but thicker than a Gibson EB. And without any forearm chamfer or belly-cut. But if you're worried about neck dive, then try before you buy, as they say.
  13. I don't remember any 'neck heavy problem' with the one I had.
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