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  1. True enough but I am on headphones, due to neighbours in apartment block.
  2. There's nothing people love more than their own songs. Unfortunately.
  3. I'm not familiar with AHA, but the other three ... what's your problem? Will punters be dancing? Oh yes they will.
  4. I've been in so-called originals bands where some songs were great and some I was not a fan off. That's normal; unless maybe you are the band leader or musical director. I don't think I have ever been in band where I liked all the songs.
  5. Forgot to say I also have a PJB Bass Buddy, which is largely the same item minus the power amp and speakers.
  6. I have a cream-coloured PJ Briefcase. It's been home practice amp for years and since I retired from gigging it's been my only amp. I love it.
  7. Talking of the Airplane, I always preferred them to the Dead.
  8. Similar with tempo. If the song gets much faster or slower then the original bass part may well need changing.
  9. I recall some 'deadheads' becoming 'punks' overnight. At least they shared some anti-establishment credentials, or so they claimed. I always liked American Beauty and Workingman's Dead.
  10. I had a fretless Fender Jazz with TI flats. Similarly, I had a fretless Fender Precision also with TI flats. But on a Takamine B10 I preferred La Bella 760FS flats.
  11. I don't get why changing the strings would make a bass more saleable.
  12. Oh, and I play with one finger, two if really necessary.
  13. +1 on very short fingernails. I can't bear any length at all.
  14. Brian Wilson on the thumb and tugbar ...
  15. Just a personal preference of course but I like DR Legend Flats. But the strings on a bass would not make me buy it or not buy it. I would almost always expect to change the strings anyway.
  16. As all twelve notes are available on a bass string then surely any song could be played up and down a single string.
  17. This one would be better value for money.
  18. I don't seek out sunburst but nor is it a deal breaker.
  19. "No, I don't know it, but if you can write it out for me in accurate notation (or tab if you must), I will see if I can play it for you." Keep a supply of staff paper and a black pen in your gigbag in case of this eventuality.
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