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  1. Just gone now Davy 😢. Incidentally my cousin lives in Whitley Bay!
  2. Hi, it’s a pretty standard job for a technician, typically replacing a capacitor or two because of age and generally a standard £40 charge unless it’s a favour. It’s nothing major. The only worrying thing on a repair is if the transformer has blown, so if you’ve got a sound, there’s hope!
  3. For electric guitars and basses. As new. Never used. I’ve only checked it out and is 100% Bargain.
  4. Good question. It did have a slight hum so I took it to MAJ Kingswinford before lockdown to precisely silence the hum. (Although Mick is going deaf) Anyway, the answer is very very little hum...in silence. Geoff
  5. Great amp. 200W @ 4 ohm. Early model. Selling this in frustration of no gigs, something to do I suppose. Probably regret. You’re welcome to test through my cab if you wish and I’ll stand back. Sorry observe the 2M. Geoff
  6. Fender Precision pickup. Reads 10.7k. Average is 10.5k. Post is £3.75 uk mainland. Welcome to pick up from here at 2M 😀 cheers Geoff.
  7. Just bought a Jap Mustang bass off Andy. Brilliant, nice case. Excellent comms. Would buy from Andy anytime.
  8. Active pickups for Precision Bass wired with pots and jack socket. Taken from an MIM Precision. There was NO additional routing needed as the PP3 fits in the existing ‘trough’ nicely. postage on top. cheers Geoff
  9. Original sunburst r/w. Feels and plays great. Nice warm evenly balanced sound. Gigged with this bass for many years all over the country. The neck shape is not chunky but not modern standard, probably D shape. The back of the neck was lightly lacquered many years ago before I bought it, but is nice. Frets are still good. Body needs a clean if you're fussy. Pots date 16th week of 1971 Light, around 3.4kg Comes with Black Rat ABS case. Any further pics/Q’s please request.
  10. Must collect if you want them. Grill 565mm x 430mm cheers Geoff
  11. I’m about to receive an AH250 for the umpteenth time. I’m hoping it will match my two 1x12 Vans. The Vans are superb with any micro head but I’m hoping the AH250 will give me more throw and girth or whatever it is. ... bit concerned about next Fridays gig though in Brum with the curse.
  12. Nice condition and excellent working order. The MKII’s and early MkIII’s are class A/B designs and are a bit warmer to the class d (maybe debatable but plenty of info on this). With ideal carry bag/mains lead. You’re welcome to try/test here in Coseley, West Midlands. You won’t be disappointed. Can post. Cheers Geoff
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