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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. I decided to resist the temptation and carry on with my old Jazz bass for now. A black JMJ is top of the list if I am drawn back...
  2. I thought my bass buying days were over and I haven't been near Basschat for years... But just when you think you're out, they pull you back in I suddenly want a Mustang and I've narrowed it down to 3 main contenders - Squier Classic Vibe, Fender Vintera or Fender JMJ signature. Does anyone have experience of any or all of these basses? Is the difference in quality justified by the relative prices? My gigging days are probably over, it's mainly for recording reggae and dub music.
  3. Does anyone know the names of any of these riddims?
  4. Very nice playing on this - thanks for the link.
  5. Thanks - Head Gardener is a new project with everything recorded remotely - some of the contributors have never actually met each other.
  6. Thanks for that - This track was a live jam on the Unmetered Taxi riddim by Sly & Robbie and it's not on Spotify. The original:
  7. Great album with some lovely bass lines - Floyd Lawson on this track and Vivian Weathers on this masterpiece:
  8. This is great if you are interested in reggae history:
  9. Here's another of my home recordings using a classic riddim:
  10. Hello, here's a song I made in lockdown with some friends - you might recognise the riddim 😉
  11. Hi Owen, long time no see I remember Humph playing a dark green Fender, but I thought it was a Precision. Then again knowing Humph he may have had a matching Jazz.
  12. Okay, that's it - I'm going to leave it, there are too many question marks......... Thanks everyone, it's been a lesson in the dangers of buying used Fenders without provenance.
  13. Thanks again It's advertised as USA but I'm not sure the vvt is correct for a 62 reissue. I will ask the seller for more details and a photo of the back of the head stock - I wonder if the US reissues had an extra strap button there, (I believe the Jap ones did).
  14. Thanks P.S. There is a photo on the listing with the neck removed, showing the numbers 1/16/85 and the serial number on the neck plate looks to start with V. But I thought the '62 reissues had stack knobs - is this not the case? Are these series of basses generally regarded well or not and does the price seem reasonable?
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