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SOLD: Bass Centre Power Bass Custom with EMG geezer pick ups Black & Gold
Leyland Lancashire

la bam

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 I've not had this long, maybe a few months, but I need to get back to reality and pay the bills....

I had this specifically put together for myself by Barry and the team at the Bass Centre, London.

It's a stunning Power Bass, in black, with a rosewood neck, black 3 ply plate, and all gold hardware including bridge, bridge cover, screed, tuners and knobs.

It's also had a pair of EMG geezers fitted which are phenomenal and a big step up from the standard power bass pick ups. When fitting the EMGs I bought new knobs as the emg stems are thicker.

I will also include the original pick ups and gold knobs.

It's a really light, quality bass with stunning looks. Plays like a dream. Fitted with Elite roundwounds.

Pick up Leyland Lancashire.

Will post at £30.







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