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  1. Sorry for the delay. As far as I can see, it's 16mm at the bridge. I'm never too sure how accurate I am, though...
  2. Sorry, just seen this. Will measure tomorrow...
  3. Brian bought my Dean B2 bass. Very smooth transaction, good and friendly communication, a good experience all round. Cheers Brian! Sean
  4. I thought I was dealing with it well enough, but your sympathies have unmanned me! Thank you for your good wishes, it's very much appreciated. I really will shut up now...
  5. A wonderful companion, I had to add for the record... I'll shut up now.
  6. Thanks for the thought, it's appreciated. Unfortunately, she had to be put to sleep (Bridget, 9 yr old Lab/Beagle mixture).
  7. Bought some months ago on this forum, this is a hidden gem of a bass: 2 hum cancelling single coils, piezo bridge, 3 band eq, with 4 (yes, 4!) volumes. It's called the B2, after Brian Bromberg, (B squared). It wasn't actually authorized by him, I believe, but it's a real players instrument. The upper fret access is the best I've ever played (you can comfortably reach the top G with your 2nd finger), combining this with the piezo is a soloist's dream. The controls are: bottom row-stacked pickup volumes, mids, then stacked bass/treble. Top row- master volume, piezo volume, pickup selector. Ergonomically, the bass just works. It's actually a real quality instrument, punches very far above it's weight. It's bugging me that I have to sell it... £400 plus delivery in bombproof packaging Cheers for reading. Sean
  8. Refinished in Sherwood Green with a maple board, this bass just does the business. Bought from Shepster on this forum some months ago, only a horrendous vet bill is making me sell. Rehearsed with it over the weekend, and it sounded monstrous. In really very good condition, a few light scratches when string changing is all. Medium weight, wearing a new set of rounds (can't remember which brand). I think we all know what these can do, so I'll shut up. £300 inc postage, sent in bomb proof packaging. Cheers for reading. Sean
  9. An awesome bass, in pretty much brand new condition. Bought new Oct 2020, bedroom use only. Horrendous vet bills force a reluctant sale. The bass excels in 3 distinctly different areas: 1. The 3 band eq on the piezo produces a really authentic upright tone (bass, treble all the way up, mids all the way down), plus a wide variety of other tones. The bass would be sufficient with piezo only, BUT... 2. The magnetic bridge pickup is just awesome, really tight, but big at the same time ( can't really describe it more accurately than that). It has it's own tone and volume. 3. The 13 pin allows connection to the Roland synth products, which are a whole other world to explore (I am also selling my Roland GR20, with the extras needed...) The only negative (in the interests of strict honesty) is it's size: it's a big beast. Not heavy, but long. The gigbag is made specially for it. I found this video helpful when doing my research. £900 Inc delivery, well wrapped and boxed. They are £1600 new at the moment, I believe... It's wearing a set of LaBella white nylons, which suit it perfectly, in my opinion. Cheers for reading. Sean
  10. Thanks. I couldn't find the download, didn't look hard enough, I guess. So it doesn't have a passive tone cut, just the ability to run passively...?
  11. Does the J Retro have a passive tone on it, or just the bypass switch?
  12. Michael Manring uses D'addario piccolo, and finds them very responsive to his wild and wacky tunings. I have a cut down set on an Ibanez Mikro ; the G string tuned down to F makes it nice and bendy without being floppy. (And that's the only way to get me and MM mentioned in the same post...)
  13. A set of D'addario piccolo strings tuned down to D work well as the top four strings, then the E and A of a similar D'addario 'normal' set complete the Sox. This has worked well for me in the past, and isn't too expensive...
  14. Just what I thought, Emerson Fittipaldi in all his glory...
  15. Sorry to slightly disagree with some of the above comments. L2000 strung with TI flats and played on the neck pickup is, I think, P bass heaven...
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. A great pedal, versatile and very usable with a bass. I bought it because of the Z pedal, it turns left and right as well as up/down, and is multi-assignable (if that's even a word). Selling because the pedal has developed a kind of 'stutter'. It's used mostly for volume swells, and there is a hesitancy in it's travel. Not physically, I've tried using switch cleaner, which helped a bit, but it's annoying me. Everything else works great, it comes with it's original power supply and paper manual. You might know how to fix it, or not be bothered by it... £85 posted to anywhere in the UK. Cheers, Sean. The Tube switch is a really great feature, btw.
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