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Aguilar Ltd Edition Colour Cabs - Poseidon Green

Mikey D

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Can't see where anyone else has mentioned these? After years of lusting over an Aguilar rig I finally went to get a Dorian Grey setup but missed out by what felt like minutes, then this was teased...so I held out and have ordered the middle setup: SL112 and SL212. They come Jan/End of Feb to UK shipping pending...I'll do actual product photos and comments then.

Anyone else thinking of going for one of these?


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@Mikey D I love it and congrats on the new cabs!

I ran a small poll amongst friends when they first appeared and overwhelmingly, they all approved! 

My only fear with the limited edition cabs from Aguilar is how well they will sell and what it’s going to be like when I try and find a matching / complementary cab in few years (especially in the UK). 

You’ve done the right thing by ordering a versatile combination. 

I’d love to see some photos when you get them! 


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33 minutes ago, Cat Burrito said:

I like the purple ones and those green ones. Aguilar do some great colours. I have a super cool chocolate brown one that has been for sale on these very pages for a little while now. They definitely stand out!

Love the chocolate brown in the DB! Love your cab @Cat Burrito as I have the matching head case, but not cabs. 

Wish they’d do more of these limited edition colours in the DB series.

But I imagine they sell more SL cabs - which makes sense, but I’m DB all the way! 🔥

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Completely agree. I ended up here as after a year or so trying to get same in grey. I finally thought it was sorted via bass direct. Checked like 6pm one day and 9.05am next day went to buy and they were gone. 

So stretched to get the two cabs so this doesn't happen. I don't use 15in and I think my days of 2 4*10 stack or similar have gone. So this gives me 3 formats to play with that also max out the ag700 anyway so should be everything I need. 

Supposedly the 'only' 2*10 ordered to UK but I'm actually guessing it's just the first.

Also Bass Direct have some deals on the purple but I just preferred the green.

I wish they did the blue bossa for the 212 too as love that colour.

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