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Boss OC-5 Octave!!!!

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2 hours ago, Al Krow said:

Interested as to what you mean by a direct clone? Did MXR steal the chip design and algorithms? If not, they've clearly done a very decent job (obviously at a significantly higher price point), but... 

You'd think that Boss might know a thing or two about their own product range, and almost certainly more so than any rivals? 😊

You’d need to ask Janek - he loaned Dunlop his OC-2 while they did the development work. My guess is they studied the components and did oscilloscope tests to compare the sounds.

I wouldn’t always trust a company to know their own products - Selmer famously lost the blueprints to their beloved Mark VI saxes so that when they made the Reference series in the 2000s they had to track down good examples and reverse engineer the shape and metallurgy!

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6 hours ago, Al Krow said:

I know several of you like to hear clips - so here's a couple from me:

- the first in 'classic OC-2' mode with just -1 oct max, vintage setting, finger 

- second (same riff) in more 'Royal Blood' mode with a bit of clean (3.5/10), +1 oct (5/10), -1 oct (max), poly setting - full range, pick into VTDI set for dirt.

In conclusion the OC-5 seems to give us both the OC-2 and the OC-3 with improved tracking for both and throws in an octave up. What's not to like? Definitely looking like a keeper!

OC-2 'classic'.wav 4.24 MB · 17 downloads OC-5 'RB'.wav 4.38 MB · 16 downloads

Nice demos Bas!

I love the 2nd one, like a dirty organ sound😁

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On 03/05/2021 at 18:13, Hellzero said:

And I love the Poly mode too as I can almost emulate an old Hammond B3. It's just missing the background noise and Leslie, but it's great sounding for some Indian music à la Trilok Gurtu with Jonas Hellborg.

@lee650 - cheers mate. Seems like Hellzero has already been dialling in the same!

I'm a fan of Poly mode too  - unquestionably better tracking, which is a key for me, and also cleaner. So for the three settings I would most likely have this on: 

Classic OC-2: Vintage mode

Budget Royal Blood / Hammond B3: Poly mode

Clean Octave - thickening**: Poly mode

**Dry 5/10,  +1 Oct min, -1 Oct max, Range max

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