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  1. Great communication and fast delivery, thanks !!
  2. I saw the Death Cult and then Cult on the Dreamtime tour, both excellent gigs, full of energy. Jamie's Stingray really sounded great on the Dreamtime gig. He used a black P bass on the Death Cult gig. I could be wrong about the OC2 but I'm sure it was a brown Boss pedal and and CE2B didn't come out until late 80's.
  3. I remember seeing them on the Dreamtime tour. The Stingray sounded great. I remember seeing one pedal by his mic stand which I think was an OC2.
  4. On this recording it sounds like flats to me too. When you get a close up of the bass the strings seem to shine like flats too. I know he preferred the fretted Jazz for many recording but live I don't think it appeared again until early Synchronicity, until the white Spector took over.
  5. I use mine a bit for songs with long held notes and when I want to push the bass forward in the mix sometimes. Sounds good for some covers such as Cure numbers. Works well with fretless too. I have an EBS Unichorus which I'm happy with and give a subtle but usable flanger too.
  6. Ah yes, I remember reading that now. I don't think the EBS can quite do the MXR flanger sound but I don't use it that often so gets close enough.
  7. Looking to get the classic Derek Forbes flanger sound. I know he used the MXR flanger but can I get the same with the EBS Unichorus as it's what I have? As an example:
  8. I agree with most that's already said. In a function band I use very little effects, just a little octave or chorus depending on the song covered.
  9. I think as much as we'd all like our post EQ DI signal to go to FOH in reality it's usually the pre EQ DI that the sound engineer wants. And for good reason usually because what sounds good in our amp doesn't usually translate well to the FOH system.
  10. That sounds like a dead spot on your fretboard. It's the classic spot for it. I presume it's OK everywhere else? I've had a MXR M288 since 2012 and always been great.
  11. I've used an EQ pedal and MXR micro amp in the past to match my fretless volume to my fretted. Both did a good job and can be bought used quite cheaply. These days I don't use 2 basses on gig very often and the volume difference is actually quite small so I just roll with it. Usually the fretless is used on quieter songs anyway, and if we have PA support the sound guys sorts it anyway.
  12. Jon Sykes of Pineapple Thief uses large over ear headphones on stage. Saw them in the autumn and sure they look strange to start with but soon forget about them. You've got to do what's needed to protect your hearing.
  13. I've never seen a closeup of Jeff's Unichorus so thanks for the info. Always wondered how he set it.
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