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  1. Could you be more pacific on the fineness of the paste?
  2. Didn't Gary Moore and someone else do a parody tune of the Zep parody bands?
  3. My best mates a keyboard player. Fantastic. He used to play Jump by Van halen with the keyboard behind his head. Mocking Rock guitar players 😄 Unfortunately he had to pack it all in as he contracted ME. Terrible shame. Could play anything. In relation to 80's rock he reckoned 90% of the time all you have to do is hold down an E minor chord on a string sound 😄
  4. Bloody hell, we already can't talk about religion and politics. Now we can't say 'No [email protected]!' I guess Stewart Lee was right, we are the Stasi for the Angry Birds generation! 😄
  5. I'll try and check the WVH album out. You could clearly tell he was talented on the last VH album. I am a massive Roth era VH fanboy but I wouldn't want WVH album to sound like VH. It would be difficult for me it to anyway as EVH and DLR are one offs.
  6. The closest I've had to a comment on tone was in Scotland. I was on tour in the band for a musical. I just DI'd as we played with cans and had our own personal mixers. The sound guy at the venue was raving about the natural signal from my bass. I can't quite remember why now. It was a passive 1996 Yamaha BBN5.
  7. Classic guitar player.
  8. I reckon at any gig, 99 times out of 100 the only person in the room who cares about the bass tone is the bass player. In all my years playing not once has anyone mentioned it to me. So that means one of two things. 1) no one cares. 2) I have a terrible bass tone. It's probably closer to 2 as I don't care too much😄
  9. I'm a tone de jour type
  10. My 12 year old son is really into him. Thus guy and others has increased my son's interest in music so it can only be a good thing. Deffo an act, supposed to be a really sound bloke.
  11. Taking a fretless to rehearsal tonight, so every track will be a fretless rock track tonight.
  12. Jesus Christ. Being in bands would be great if it wasn't for musicians. That's pretty shitty. Better off without people like that.
  13. Not as Heavy as Stravinsky tho, That guy is messed up!
  14. Probably Korn and Pantera. No real need to go heavier than that.
  15. Maybe I should just have said 'who doesn't think about it?' or 'who isn't it an issue for?'
  16. As in you buy a bass because of how it sounds or as I said about myself, you don't think to much about it, the neck, when you buy it. Sounds good, looks good having it. Or, for instance, I was going on a tour for a show and needed a fretless for it. So I just ordered an ESP fretless 5 off Thomman in my price range and away I went.
  17. No, it's not about cards. I've noticed, in varying places on this forum, different players saying they only use J necks or P necks, or certain profiles etc. I'm not passing judgement on this at all but who just accepts what they have? I've never really thought about it. I've obviously noticed the difference but have kind of seen it as the challenge of that particular instrument. That's not to say I'm not fussy! I like low actions, light basses and won't play a bass with bad neck dive.
  18. There's great bass playing all over The Doors records. I don't know for sure but wasn't it their producer who made them have it on record. Guess he couldn't make them live!
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