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  1. But what picks are best for Chinese metal?
  2. It's too simplistic to blame bad things on religion. Essentially all bad things are down to humans and their ideologies. Can't remember who said it but a philosopher said people don't have ideas, ideas have people. Religions were just early ideologies. Nowadays it's capitalism, consumerism, individualism, communism etc. The common denominator is people with ideas. Better to blame them than Jesus or Allah
  3. Considered this but thought it might get pulled!
  4. There's no pleasing some people 😄
  5. https://fb.watch/6_V4qWjxn7/ Should have left it without a scratch plate though!
  6. My mate got this body from the same place. I can attest that it's a beaut!
  7. I had it and my younger brother destroyed it out of spite when we were kids!
  8. I actually have the first rehearsal with a band I'll be depping for on Thursday. So works out well. It's like it was done especially for me.
  9. 😂 Now that's an album cover!
  10. He was a fantastic centre back!
  11. Don't you not get any enjoyment from playing with other people, the vibe of your band rocking, the atmosphere of the venue or even the musicianship of what you are playing? Surely that's where the enjoyment comes from and the reason to play live.
  12. Thanks by the way. Thanks to everyone, cheers
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