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  1. Let's face it if he hadn't done Live Aid etc, the geezer would be a footnote in pop history.
  2. I think calling it a song is pushing it!
  3. After hearing that single, I think they should change direction and release a rock album!
  4. Deffo, no Izzy, no G'n'R. That band died in the early 90's. They were my favourite band but I think it's best left in the past. They were about being young and dangerous.
  5. That's what all threads should be. A statement, no discussion. Thread ended!
  6. Probably because the conversation has turned into a conversation about how it's wrong to have conversations. Which the end of his post, 'my dad is bigger than your dad', is part of and people have replied to that.
  7. People have been saying this since I joined 11 years ago. Basschat must have been a musical, intellectual, concordant, harmonious utopia back in the day!
  8. I was just going to say I didn't see any ganging up. Unless I'm part of the usual suspects. I hope not, I've only just come back after years away from here. Maybe that's just his point of view!
  9. Surely that's pretty much what most of Basschat is, lots of discussions on points of views.
  10. What I would do is listen to them. Get the gist and do my own thing. I have faith on my own musical ability. If they didn't want that I wouldn't be bothered about being in that band. If you can't contribute to originals then what's the point. Isn't the point of being in an originals self expression. Or is that The New Originals!
  11. You can tell in the posted vids that Watts has more swing than Peart. Peart is just on it metronomically, where as Watts feels like he has all the time in the world.
  12. You're all missing the point. It doesn't matter how much swing Peart has or doesn't have. He's wearing a polo neck for a jazz gig so it's all good.
  13. You’re fooling yourself. We’re living in a dictatorship! A self-perpetuating autocracy, in which the working classes…
  14. Who's gonna get the strange woman to distribute the swords?
  15. I think a farcical aquatic ceremony would be a better way.
  16. Stevie Vai on geet at the end. The Master!
  17. Particularly like the verse groove to this as it's so simple and obvious. As the best things usually are, which pisses me off in equal measure as I would never think of it for that reason.
  18. Clearly! I'm a Motorhead fan myself. I wasn't passing judgement. I was just saying how it looked. The bad taste was in reference to me.
  19. This may be in bad taste but the opening post reads Killed by Death Then shows the picture of a man who has died.
  20. But what picks are best for Chinese metal?
  21. It's too simplistic to blame bad things on religion. Essentially all bad things are down to humans and their ideologies. Can't remember who said it but a philosopher said people don't have ideas, ideas have people. Religions were just early ideologies. Nowadays it's capitalism, consumerism, individualism, communism etc. The common denominator is people with ideas. Better to blame them than Jesus or Allah
  22. Considered this but thought it might get pulled!
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