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  1. Well my all grown up children brought me a bass for my birthday,Its an Eastwood semi short scale very slim neck,its about seven years old,it came with its own hard case.Got it on last Sunday morning,gigged it same day,I was going to use it on the opening nos,but used it the whole gig.The bass sounds a bit Gibson EB ish loads of bottom but the back pup gives a bit of twang so you can mix a decent sound in.Its a VVT but the tone knob really does give me a load of different tone to choose from,I like it,Ive never heard on Eastwood befor,but would not mind getting a spare.
  2. awaiting a "P" fretless,well its on order...had to give into gas.
  3. yes had a play on one of the five string version ,fell in love,
  4. happy new bass day,cant go wrong with a "P" love mine,an off the shelf mim with rotos on it
  5. fretless bitsa,about four years,a record for me
  6. Hi got one of each a home made bitsa bass,with an unlined neck,and a Squire fretless "P" both superb,never really look at the neck when playing,just trust my ears,hehe and that look from the drummer
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  8. a hobbyist here,in a pro band,I have do do other jobs to make ends meet so semi semi pro??? .
  9. Have a larf at this thinking I got most things covered,hehe simple root, nodding head ect ect.....I listened a lot over the years and now do just whats needed,and have been influenced by all styles,and it shows.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KJi2X1XkEI no hate here,just very miffed that I had not practiced hard enough M
  10. nowt else,just bass and only four stringed ones with no frets,just don't need to be sidetracked by anything else ha really cant play anything other than bass
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Hi Ive got a four sting if the 5er plays like my 4 some ones getting a fantastic bass,glwts
  13. cograts a great looking bass
  14. Juicy Lucy gear,hehe I was not in the band then,but love the history,of JL,
  15. had to get a Squire...its not bad..
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