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  1. Wow. Superb exemple. Glws
  2. Wow. Superb exemple. Interested in any trades?
  3. Man u're the official dealer for Spain or what? đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ👌đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ Beautiful bass again good luck with sale.
  4. Noguera really nails the fretless thing. @Hellzeroit's ur ex right? (again 😂😂😂) Glws.
  5. Ever heard of the megalithic yard from professor Alexander Thom? Then declines on other unities. Very brit' indeed 😉😎😜
  6. Hi Ovi. Are u still on touch with Grosmann? I have a bass on order and have had no news from him since december. I already paid half and I really can't wait for the bass to come, but the man is hard to catch (email on website apparently no longer works). Happy new year.
  7. Price is apparently wrong. Should be 4100â‚Ŧ or the equivalent in British pounds I reckon (I'm speaking with the man on our French bass forum). Glws.
  8. Totally. Proud owner of the Anne prototype model. I actually got it here on Basschat. Piezzo Bridge and Bartolini dual coil. Passive but with a wide variety of sounds blending between the 2 sources. Bass is ultra light and very playable with 17mm spacing. Bass is up there with them top notch builders, a bit less "personality" than the Foderas I owned but actually fits better in a big band contest for exemple. And 1.5 kg lighter ^^ https://www.clementbass.com/2014/01/the-clement-singlecut-anne-chambered-bass/
  9. They're really something u can rely on. Impeccable instruments. Glws Owi!!!
  10. Man... This is a long shot. 🎄☃ī¸đŸŒŸđŸŽ…đŸŒŸâ˜ƒī¸đŸŽ„
  11. Man u should buy a cheap 5 string like a Sire or something!!! Keep the Alphers!!!
  12. Man we need a full Pic of the bass without the pickguard Glws she looks wonderful!!!
  13. Ain't no quilt. Spalted maple it is Glws
  15. Oh my u owned half of the basses in Europe 😂😂😂 Any Pope pre in the closet?
  16. Do u happen to have the original 2 band pre? Beautiful bass glws
  17. A beauty. With 21 frets. 😂👊😂
  18. Their control I find a bit "obscure" but once u get used to it, no more "useless knobs" I guess Try them switches u might see a difference!!!
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