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  1. They're really something u can rely on. Impeccable instruments. Glws Owi!!!
  2. Man... This is a long shot. 🎄☃️🌟🎅🌟☃️🎄
  3. Man u should buy a cheap 5 string like a Sire or something!!! Keep the Alphers!!!
  4. Man we need a full Pic of the bass without the pickguard Glws she looks wonderful!!!
  5. Oh my u owned half of the basses in Europe 😂😂😂 Any Pope pre in the closet?
  6. Do u happen to have the original 2 band pre? Beautiful bass glws
  7. A beauty. With 21 frets. 😂👊😂
  8. Their control I find a bit "obscure" but once u get used to it, no more "useless knobs" I guess Try them switches u might see a difference!!!
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