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  1. Maybe it's a bit late Wait for more of this economic crisis and grab one when u can
  2. I just bought the same bass in sunburst, impeccable fretting and finish!!! Glws
  3. "darling pliz can u take the Sadow... number 4 with you pliz? Yes, 4,it has 5 strings" XD Mp
  4. Beauty!!! Is the top mango wood?
  5. U paid 2500 and sell it for 20 000!!! What economic school do u come from? Beautiful P, very classy!!!
  6. Yup, I have a 5 string version and it weighs in at 5 kilos!!! Very nice sounding, loads of bass for the money!!! Glws BTW mate, it's 35" scale right?
  7. This thing should be a single cut!!! Kristall really seems like a real thing!!! Glws
  8. Plus the Harmony series is the rarest one from Noguera (and imo the classiest) And hellzero is top notch to deal with!!! GLWS
  9. Wahou ^^ This is the real deal!!! What year was it made?
  10. Which is very light for a sixer... This bass should find a good home!!!
  11. My Tom Clément? Very good bass, lightweight and polyvalent with the piezzo bridge and Bartolini active dual coil ^^ Yours seems nice too but I just bought a 5 string Grosmann ahah ^^
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