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  1. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1472032451' post='3117782'] I asked for a quote for a flea 5. $4999 Before tax. Before shipping. [/quote] You could probably get Rob Green at Status to make you something similar for half that price.
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  3. Anyone else had issues with the preamp being too 'hot'? Can you not access the circuit and turn the preamp down? The ATK I had had a little crosshead plastic dial-type thing which is used to set the output... Might get one of these in black/maple, or the mint green/maple...
  4. Half-arsedness at it's best/worst... [attachment=225635:3sides.jpg]
  5. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1470820933' post='3108668'] Secondly, Guy Berryman of Coldplay. [/quote] I have to disagree there old bean. Well, only as far as his playing on Parachutes. Some rather lovely little lines on that. They lost me after that one. And they seemed to lose Guy in the mix on all subsequent releases. I don't hate any players, but there are far worse out there. Saw The Cribs at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. Dreadful, awful band.
  6. A badly shaped headstock (which seems to be every other bass on the market at the moment) is enough to put me off buying a bass. The main reason I haven't pulled the trigger on one of those Sire Marcus Miller jobbies (yet...)
  7. I thought it was ok. Some of these Rig Rundowns are done with the tech and not the actual bloke who's gonna play it, so its good to see John there. 😊 Slightly away from basses, the Rig Rundown with Satchel (guitar with Steel Panther) is hilarious. 😁
  8. Pat Badger of Extreme, monster tone, the way he doubles Nuno's parts, and a llama farmer too. 😊 I'd also like to add Gary Beers of INXS - simple lines, some melodic loveliness on occasion and as solid as a rock.
  9. He's grown his hair hasn't he? Not sure about the side parting though... 😊
  10. I once had a US deluxe Jazz V, 50th anniversary model with the big pole pickups - good bass, but the Mexican 4 string jazz I had after that was a real player, light and punchy, classic jazz bass. Fenders are horrendously overpriced IMO.
  11. Just listened to my copy - I really wanted to love this album, was looking forward to hearing their work with a different producer and was encouraged by Chad Smith's comment that they were making a "super-dancable" record. About half of it is good and half of the good half is great - the rest of it is pretty forgettable. Disappointed. Edit: Having given it another couple of listens, it's growing on me. It's [i]very[/i] laid back though. To balance this, I've been listening to One Hot Minute too. Loudly.
  12. [quote name='Chiliwailer' timestamp='1465848225' post='3071600'] Damn, that's going to be expensive... Looks like it's a CS bass with Aguillar pickup and preamp. I'll miss the Modulus sound, but then it's been 18 years so a change can't be bad. (Edit, or is it nearly 20? Wow time flew) I found some pics... [/quote] Does beg the question why not go back to the Stingrays...?
  13. Maybe they mis-read it as Slapped Ass Jam. "Apply liberally" it says on the jar. Apparently...
  14. I'm after this very model but [b][i]have[/i][/b] to sell my P/J first. Good luck with the sale and have a bump on me.
  15. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1465214458' post='3066134'] I assume you've got the sound coming through a more decent source than the TV's built in speakers? [/quote] I hadn't, but I've just put the TV through my Bose soundwave, and to be honest, its still too much keyboards and not much bass. Rio still sounds dreadful, but just a better quality dreadful.
  16. Currently watching Duran Duran live at the Eden Project on the BBC red button service. The worst mix ever. Can't hear John Taylor very well at all, its all vocals and keyboards. Wait until the end when they do Rio. Jesus... What is it with the BBC and live bands? Later with Jools is another. Bass sat way back in the mix, no bottom end at all. I'm writing to Points of View. "Irate of the Isle of Wight..." 😉
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