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  1. Ok back to the trade idea then. Will be happy to straight swap for pretty much any Musicman fretless: 4, 5, lined, unlined, Stingray, Sterling etc... it's all good.
  2. [quote name='oldslapper' timestamp='1353607536' post='1876580'] Well, as a result of playing Tommys Stingray at the bash, I'm a Ray convert. The next day I bought a Ray 5 string fretless. [/quote] Good man John, she looks a beaut.. + Thanks to all involved last week for a great afternoon of bass,based fun
  3. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1352886475' post='1868729'] Thanks for replying to the question on my thread Tommy, much appreciated, cheers, Karl. [/quote] You're welcome. BTW. This one is the custom model with the Steve Soar Thunder-bucker pickups in just to be clear folks. ......Bump ........... offers?
  4. [quote name='bengovier182' timestamp='1352458961' post='1863274'] These any good for slap bass? I imagine this would play more like a gibson with that bridge design, or maybe an old style precision. Ben. [/quote] [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1352492208' post='1863916'] Sorry Ben, I can't answer that, I have never learnt or played slap style. Might be an idea to ask TommyK who is selling his. He may have tried slap on his? The bridge is better, IMO, than the 3 point Gibson ones. Bit like Warwick bridges? Cheers, Karl. [/quote] I can indeed confirm these are perfectly slappable. Sounds great on that back P'up + Have a Bump Karl.. This looks great in white..
  5. [quote name='Prunesquallor' timestamp='1352476651' post='1863612'] Surely, I can get the soloed sounds with the standard V/V/T configuration, though, or am I missing something? [/quote] Yeah sure you can, that's all still much the same, however, you can for example add some bridge pick up with the tone rolled off to your classic front pick up, flat out sound, which sounds really good and is impossible with the VVT.. Not saying it adds loads... just adds another dimension whilst retaining all your usual jazz tones..
  6. Hey Neil. Good question, I have a Stacker 62 re-issue and I love it. Personally I think you can get all the usual Jazz tones and a few more besides, very versatile. You can get great Reggae sounds by backing the tone off on the front pickup and shutting down the bridge pickup altogether. Use the front pick up alone with tone control to taste and a pick for precision-esq rock tones. + Obviously with a Jazz that funk sound is only a bit of bridge pick up away... I have had a fair few Jazzes and this one is my favorite by some distance. People often talk about that "sweet spot" on a Jazz where you get "that" tone and extra presence If you have played one you will instantly hear it when you have it dialled in.... To me there are 2 sweet spots on a stacker though... so that's a bonus!! Pretty easy to get the hang of controls too, I guess it all comes down to personal taste really but I am quite bemused that the standard VVT setup became the norm on the jazz.... No doubt the proper Fender experts will be along shortly with a potted history of why etc.... As always, try first or buy a secondhand control plate is the way to go I guess...
  7. [quote name='gazgoldstar' timestamp='1351704086' post='1854425'] Hi, finally! Here is the review I made for Sonicstate.com of the Wahoo. Any questions I'll gladly answer. [url="http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2012/10/31/amped-review-sonuus-wahoo-filter-pedal/"]http://www.sonicstat...o-filter-pedal/[/url] [/quote] Great stuff. Thanks for this. Mine is on pre-order...
  8. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1351684103' post='1854078'] weird, I kind of do the opposite. I listen to the song as normal, but play the bass an octave higher until I've worked out the bassline. [/quote] +1 Works for me too when they are a bit more tricky
  9. [quote name='fraff' timestamp='1351115303' post='1847648'] This is stunning. Lakland Decade (skyline) as a trade plus a few quid your way? Bought 18 months ago on here - [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/120081-lakland-decade-skyline-sold/"]http://basschat.co.u...e-skyline-sold/[/url] [/quote] Thanks for the offer, not really my thing though. [quote name='Stacker' timestamp='1351207140' post='1848859'] Jazz profile all the way? [/quote] Yep sure is. + PM replied
  10. I am still def up for being there. I will bring a camera and all the gear in my sig. cheers TK
  11. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1350837372' post='1844054'] Is GAS shared GAS halved? [/quote] .... as you can see...NO! GAS Shared round here is the equivalent of pouring fuel on the fire.... I find Grand Wazoo is particularly guilty of this when it comes to Dingwalls...
  12. [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1350648091' post='1841699'] Sterling work (as always) Scott. I thought it already was, just not this tight... [/quote] Yes I meant as in a lesson/example..... I am so fed up with hearing rubbish slap bass (including my own!!) esp.. in music shops....
  13. [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1350658513' post='1841924'] Got some venues lined up, once we have a good idea of how many will attend we'll announce which one. Also looking at some special guests, more details to be announced! [/quote] Excellent stuff, thank you for this, really looking forward to it. BTW.... I only just worked out that you're now residing in Dorset sir... I couldn't work it out..... thought it was a strange and random act of kindness for someone from York's to be sorting out a bass bash down here!!
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