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  1. This used to be mine. Monster sounding Bass. The pick-ups are just brilliant. Would gladly have it back if i had a spare £700 kicking around. One of only 2 basses so far that I don't think i should have sold with the benefit of hindsight (along with my Status necked Sabre )..... Damn the GAS!! GLWTS Neil. Bump
  2. 3 finger triplets unlocked loads of songs for me... "One" included Another one is Twisted by Skunk Anansie. It is seriously tough to play it exactly as he plays it I reckon Rhythm Stick is one of those songs where i can nail all the little sections every now and then, but never seem to be able to stick it all together.. more homework needed
  3. I love it! DCFC's sort of classic, "Plans" sound I reckon...What do you all reckon? http://youtu.be/46bIJJX_xzE
  4. Bump. Willing to entertain sensible offers/staggered payment etc Worst I can say is no. Cheers TK
  5. Thanks Jeff for the kind words^ Still available Bump😊
  6. Price drop to £1700 Thread tidied, better pics added etc.. type Bump [quote name='musicisblack' timestamp='1421803718' post='2665303'] how much lightweight ? [/quote] 8lbs 13 oz
  7. Lightweight, Purdy, Slanty-fret, 5-string bump
  8. Sold a MM Sabre to Andrew, great guy to deal with. Fast payment + great comms, deal with confidence.
  9. Could be tempted by a 4 or 5 string Sandberg TM relic but that's about it.
  10. Sadly not.. 2 kids, 2 and under ensures my travel radius these days is limited to about 15 miles max.. Seriously I sometimes have to trip up to Bristol Airport if you want to meet closer, sling me a DM if you like. (Any try outs in Dorchester, Dorset welcome of course, complimentary tea and biscuits)
  11. Hi all Price drop to £1150 delivered UK Bump
  12. Thanks for the offer. Nice bass'n'all but looking for a sale only really.
  13. Hey all Rightly or wrongly putting this absolute beauty up for sale. It really is a work of art. Having been totally sold on the fanned fret system for 5 stringers, I really want a Combustion NG2 as I think, soundwise it will be more my bag. Need to get the funds from somewhere so cant see much option but to part with this. Single handly wins "Best Jazz bass" and "Best 5 string" wot ive ever owned awards... not much more to add really. Comes complete with Dingwall gig bag and all the tools. + pearloid and cream pickguards Weight is just a shade over 4kgs or 8lbs 13oz in old money, so nice and light. Not interested in any trades thanks. [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/4fe2b50a-7898-48f7-8783-6cd0aa595d16_zps1d3b70d4.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/23-01-25%20009_zpssny6pxqt.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/23-01-25%20012_zpsqwzc0mpo.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/23-01-25%20011_zpsjqerzs7g.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/063e6203-b735-46b9-969b-74ce025eda76_zpsoahodmwo.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s959.photobucket.com/user/vortexholsteins/media/1aa1bd6e-c15f-40cb-9870-34907aad3558_zpsjvhmuxw6.jpg.html"][/url]
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