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  1. [quote name='MarkG3' timestamp='1469386468' post='3097918'] Nice thanks. Any news TommyK? [/quote] Just finished building my new board. Yep it works just fine and silent so far at least.
  2. I just succumbed and bought one. I'll let ye know when it arrives
  3. What about this? :[url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Isolated-Power-Supply-Output-for-9V-12V-18V-Guitar-Effect-Pedal-Board-UK-Plug-/291671000914?hash=item43e8f24752:g:93IAAOSwzhVWqDf7"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-Isolated-Power-Supply-Output-for-9V-12V-18V-Guitar-Effect-Pedal-Board-UK-Plug-/291671000914?hash=item43e8f24752:g:93IAAOSwzhVWqDf7[/url] I've been eyeing it... Thinking its probably too good to be true, could always send it back if it is i guess... you try it first and let me know...
  4. Yeah wub wub waaarrrrrbbb
  5. Hi all What do I need to make a fair approximation of the "drum n bass" type noise in the chorus/drop of this song? http://youtu.be/zYXjLbMZFmo I have octave and fuzz pedals which I'm guessing might help? Anyway teach me how to make these cool sounds BC🙂 Thanks
  6. Congrats to Alex and the BF team. Been a longtime fan of TC's bass playing and mahoosive sound myself for many years. Strangely enough, in my hunt for that elusive massive sound, I found it quite along time ago with a gert big Mesa head and a BF Super15. (i have no idea about the scientific reasons for any of this or if the speakers are in fact the incorrect size, but i have never gassed for amps or cabs again) Nice to see that Tim Commerford is finally catching up with me!!
  7. Wow!! Brilliant responses! Now it makes more sense Thanks guys...+I'm glad i wasn't the only one on this number!! (Kids are doing great Harry thanks! )
  8. So this may have been covered before but i cant find it if it has.... I'm depping for a local band who do this track. If you don't know it...:[url="https://youtu.be/z9D71pQaTnc"]https://youtu.be/z9D71pQaTnc[/url] The galloping/triplet verse bit at the start.... 0:49 - 2:40.... For the musically ignoramus (i.e me) What is going on here? I thought it was in E minor to start with but it seems to change key almost at the end of each measure? ... or is it just starting in a different place? Or am i just being thick? I've learnt it by ear and written it down which is fine, i've played it live with them 3 times fine and the 4th time ballsed it up cos i got lost with my reading.... oops... (Also they play tuned down half a step which doesn't help me at all when i get lost!) I cant seem to memorise it, if i knew what was going on it might help me perhaps? Thanks kindly TK
  9. Just bought a MM Sterling from Gareth. Super easy and straight transaction. Good clear comms, swift delivery and proper packaging.. What more do you want?.. Deal with 100% confidence TK
  10. Sold. A local bass for local people.. Thanks all for the interest😊
  11. Sold pending the usual. Thanks for looking
  12. [quote name='KingChrome' timestamp='1458710701' post='3010020'] Tom, you need to trade it for my MuMa Ling 4 H. [/quote] Achhhhh stop tempting me people.... I'm trying to "do the right thing" here....
  13. [quote name='cetera' timestamp='1458688468' post='3009979'] Any other trade options? [/quote] 350 Litre+ Chest freezer + cash my way?... (just on the off chance you have one kicking about) [quote name='KingChrome' timestamp='1458726361' post='3010134'] A wonderful bass and a great guy to deal with! [/quote] Thank you kind sir!
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