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Sonus Wahoo, Flashback delay, Flangers x2 & Boss SYB5 (all sold)


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Hey all

[size=6][b]ALL NOW SOLD, PLEASE LOCK. Thanks[/b][/size]

Some nice effects here for your consideration:

Happy to ship anywhere all prices here are UK delivered. PM for other destinations pricing (which will be at cost)

[b]TC Flashback delay[/b]:
[s]£75 delivered[/s] [color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color]

[b]Boss SYB-5[/b]:
[s]£45 delivered [/s][color=#FF0000]SOLD[/color]

[b]Sonuus Wahoo[/b]

Much has been said and reviewed etc about these on the youtube... great pedal... if you've got a laptop and some time there is not much it cant do!

[s]£110 delivered [/s] [color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color]

[b]3LeafAudio Proton[/b]:
[s]£85 delivered[/s] [color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color]

[b]Crowther Prunes and Custard:[/b]:
[s]£125 delivered[/s] [color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color]

2 Flangers: I will keep the one that doesn't sell. They are both perfectly usable for me:
Option 1
[b]Ibanez Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger:[/b]
Awesome flanger pedal its a bit big for me.... we all know about pedal board real estate though don't we....

Here is a cool youtube demo of its bass credentials: [url="https://youtu.be/-1NRvNgxzzc"]https://youtu.be/-1NRvNgxzzc[/url]

[s]£65 delivered[/s][color=#ff0000] SOLD[/color]

[b]Ibanez Soundtank Flanger[/b]:
I have the soundtank chorus too and I love it, great pedals, cheap, hardy and sound surprisingly good. The actual switches are a bit glitchy but work ok once you're used to them.
£25 delivered

trade bait:
Earthquaker Hummingbird trem or Boo instruments trem (or anything else with gain control that does square wave choppiness)

Filter pedals:
Source Audio or Robotalk2 only


Boss LS-2

Thanks :)

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