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  1. ^ Good point, well put! Thanks for the kind comments guys. Still for sale type bump
  2. My stingray does that when the battery is dying but sounds like you've tried that. Probably best that you just sell it on.... to me
  3. Im with SRP, Total classic. I have one the same, saved every penny when i was 18-19 for it. Had it 13 yrs now a real keeper.
  4. Mega Lazy 14 month Bump!! £160 delivered.. Mint condition Poss trades for Diamond Compressor
  5. [quote name='Georgesimooon' timestamp='1397560461' post='2425093'] Looks absolutely beautiful, bet it sounds it too! [/quote] Thank you kindly Sir. TTT
  6. Bump. Edit: Possible trade for Dingwall Combustion with cash my way (Obvs)
  7. Due to a change in circumstances for the potential buyer this baby is back up for sale. Price drop to £1250 + delivery for quick sale. Cash or bank transfer preferred. Paypal ok if you cover fees. Bump
  8. ^^ Nick Fyffe +1 Personally (and this maybe blasphemy to some) I prefer his playing to Zender's myself...
  9. Love it!! Perfect vocals! What with this and VULFPECK, found some great new music lately. Thanks BC
  10. Tom bought a Fender 62RI Jazz from me. Great guy to deal with. Good communication and prompt payment. Deal with confidence. TK
  11. [quote name='Bass Boomer' timestamp='1391070786' post='2352811'] Any trade options? [/quote] Only trade possibility's for me ATM are a Dingwall Combustion + Cash or Cheap-ish fretless 4 and cash Mods: Is this allowed nowadays? i.e replying to a question on the thread within the 36 hrs? (Sorry if not!)
  12. [color=#282828][font=Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=4] [quote name='martfitz' timestamp='1390644476' post='2347808'] Ooh that's nice, sadly I've got a wedding to pay for (well not sad but just means I have to put GAS on hold) - Good luck with the sale [/quote] [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1390659707' post='2348035'] I only realise these existed a few weeks ago, these look fantastic! [/quote] [quote name='thebassman' timestamp='1390915657' post='2351183'] Wow, thats really nice............... if i hadn't just bought a 25th anniversay. [/quote] Thanks for all the kindly comments. Still available type Bump. [/size][/font][/color]
  13. Ahhhgh! I had GAS for this last time around... lovely bass, total bargain with that spec too at £400 GLWTS ....If its still here when I'm sorted with a 5'er i may just have to buy it.. (and then hide it somewhere!!)
  14. Lots of interest but no sale yet..Bump
  15. Yes.. just weighed it now, surprised to find its actually heavier than my stingray.. 9lbs 11oz / 4.4kgs. I always thought of it as being my lightest bass too! Must balance better or summat? Also serial No: V121748
  16. Sunday Bump Edit: Had a few PMs about weight: 9lbs 2oz or if you prefer 4.15 of them new fangled metric Kilos!
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