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  1. Really good stuff thanks Scott! This should be played on a loop in all music shops selling bass guitars.....IMHO!!
  2. Hi Steve Welcome along. Good luck with your learning stuff. TK
  3. Hi Gaz. Wecome along. Nice little biog there + some handy gear you have! Have fun! TK
  4. Hi Kerms. Welcome along. Nice bass!! Where did you meet Mr Miller? Tk
  5. Hello Rob/Blackbird, welcome along. [quote name='Blackbird88' timestamp='1350499687' post='1839804'] Hello everyone, my name is Rob and I'm an addict...of bass [/quote] ...they say acknowlegment is the first step on the recovery from addiction don't they... sadly admission to basschat may well be the first step on the road to ruin for you... esp. the for sale section.... try to keep away... Have fun! Tk
  6. Good morning! ...and welcome along! Glad to see you've been such a strong lifetime supporter of the Anti-Rickenbacker-League... well done, you should get along fine here.... ....Seriously don't even get involved with the for sale section it is a very dangerous place. Its like drugs, just say NO kids!! Have fun! TK
  7. [quote name='Barefootbassplayer' timestamp='1350544894' post='1840197'] Looking at yours I am reasonably sure it is an LP pup [/quote] [quote name='Barefootbassplayer' timestamp='1350544847' post='1840194'] I think the LP pickups were the only ones to have the circular bevel on the front of the pick up? I remember looking in to this when I got my flea 4 string and it had the LP pups in. Very early versions still came with the LP logo but this did eventually get changed to the modulus. I think I am remembering correctly but if not I am sure I'll get corrected soon [/quote] +1 My thoughts exactly
  8. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1350496710' post='1839745'] hopefully theres a few guys with some barefaced who wanna come to? [/quote] No worries, I'll bring my Super15 Andy.
  9. [list] [*]Price drop .... £800 [*]Could do payment by instalments if that helps? [*]Bump [/list]
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. [quote name='Montarbo' timestamp='1348507566' post='1814547'] Up !! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCCQ2d0ssWQ&feature=plcp[/media] [/quote] Sounds pretty! Nice looking bass, good luck with the sale
  12. [quote name='jazzbassmm' timestamp='1349343944' post='1824900'] I am not really a Jazz fan! Vintage Icon V96 Fender Jazz Geddy Lee (MIJ) Tokai Jazz Sound (late 70s I guess) All bought here from basschatters! [/quote] Nice little family Antonio, glad to see my old bass in good company Fretless Jazz next??
  13. TommyK

    Feedback for Higgie

    James just bought my B3K pedal. Great guy to deal with, good comms and prompt payment. Deal with 100% confidence.
  14. Yep.... more good words about Antonio. He just bought my Tokai Jazz bass. Great chap to deal with, good communications and prompt payment. Deal with 100% confidence.
  15. [quote name='bengovier182' timestamp='1348604429' post='1815961'] I want this inside of me..... But im skint. Good luck. Ben. [/quote] Oooer misses.... Thanks.. Bump.
  16. [quote name='LLOYDWT' timestamp='1348695779' post='1817177'] I have a white/maple SR4 & a HS Bongo Stealth (the older version with rosewood board). I was content until I saw your SR5. [/quote] Ahh... sigh..... the trials and tribuations of GAS my friend. .... .We are all the same it seems........ Bump.
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