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  2. Right, need to move this on now...£300 delivered
  3. It's really pretty, c'mon you know you want to.... type Bump....
  4. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1347475480' post='1801431'] That's the same rig as mine. A monster [/quote] Hi Chris.....Hmmm I bet it is too.... Next time you mistakenly want to get rid of a mesa head, get hold of me, and this time I won't mistakenly get rid of it for some other junk!......damn the GAS
  5. Thanks for all the positive comments basschatters! Bump
  6. [quote name='thisnameistaken' timestamp='1344430225' post='1764304'] I haven't seen a nut like that before. Are they all like that on SR5s? Any idea why they look like that? [/quote] Tis a compensated nut my friend, It is supposed to help with intonation according to them crazy peeps at EBMM. It is standard nowadays on all their basses except the classics I think. I haven't noticed any difference TBH but it works just fine though.
  7. Hi All, apologies for my slackness in keeping up with this for sale thread, back up for sale, need the money or a mesa amp of some description. Cheers. TK BUMP
  8. [quote name='lowregisterhead' timestamp='1340914823' post='1711583'] Really like that colour. Unfortunately in the intervening period I bought a Classic Stingray 5... [/quote] Hey, that doesn't sound that unfortunate... how do ya like it? Bump
  9. Price drop bump.. £380 delivered
  10. Right after a couple of false starts this is back up for sale and in 100% working order with a brand new MM pickup fitted, bass is still mint and still just as beautiful....type Bump
  11. [quote name='yepmop' timestamp='1339742154' post='1693485'] Looks nice, love the colour, is that a metallic blue? [/quote] Yes it is metallic. It is the old favourite "Lake Placid Blue" [quote name='davidlovellbass' timestamp='1339934942' post='1696402'] Good to see one of these in the UK, and not too far off being local, may have to come and see it in the flesh if you're ever Hampshire way [/quote] Yeah that would be fine, likewise if you are in the Dorsetshire area, feel free to come and have a play. More photos to come...
  12. Hi Folks Got some build/progress pics of my new bass yesterday, It is going to be shipped on my birthday so I am very happy! Specs: JAE custom: Honduras Mahogany body, contoured, In Lake placid blue finish, aged white pickguard Thunderbucker pick-ups, CTS pots, Switchcraft jack. Schallers straplocks Hipshot tuners Tinted maple J neck + fingerboard, with Fender Precision decal. Progress so far: Initial set up + back of body after sealing: Front of body sealed, prior to finishing beginning: Finishing process so far: Just the clear Nitro coats, sanding, buffing and assembly to go now....I can't wait
  13. I have for sale a SWR Headlite amp. 400W @ 4 Ohms, valve preamp (1x 12AX7), 10dB pad switch, tuning mute, 3-position aural enhancer (classic/contemporary/bypass), 3-band semi parametric thomann EQ, effect blend (wet/dry), compression, master volume, speaker outputs (Speakon), preamp out, footswitch, XLR balanced direct out with level control and pre/post select, ground lift, FX loop, tuner out/aux line out. Dimensions: 4.6 x 21.6 x 24.8cm (HxWxD). Weight: 1.7kg Bought this on here a couple of weeks ago as I was on a mission to downsize, great little amp, very loud and very light, sadly the sound is just not for me. Mint condition, still has original box and packaging. No actual pics, im afraid as my pooter has died and i'm using my wifes laptop which came out of the ark, still, this is what it looks like: Trades would be ok, but only a GK Fusion550 or Mesa - Mpulse/Walkabout/Carbine etc... Cash from me for any of these obviously.. Sale: £[s]400[/s] 380 delivered UK.
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