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Dingwall Super J5 Burgundy mist

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Hey all

Rightly or wrongly putting this absolute beauty up for sale. It really is a work of art.

Having been totally sold on the fanned fret system for 5 stringers, I really want a Combustion NG2 as I think, soundwise it will be more my bag. Need to get the funds from somewhere so cant see much option but to part with this.

Single handly wins "Best Jazz bass" and "Best 5 string" wot ive ever owned awards... not much more to add really.

Comes complete with Dingwall gig bag and all the tools. + pearloid and cream pickguards

Weight is just a shade over 4kgs or 8lbs 13oz in old money, so nice and light.

Not interested in any trades thanks.







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Price drop to £1700

Thread tidied, better pics added etc.. type Bump :)

[quote name='musicisblack' timestamp='1421803718' post='2665303']
how much lightweight ? ;)

8lbs 13 oz

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Played this bass earlier today,very very good condition,definately a quality built guitar,unfortunately just ergonomically not for me.tom and his family are very nice people and a lovely view from the farmhouse by the way! So have a bump on me .

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