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  1. Ben recently bought my (well his now!) Cataldo Fenderbird. Prompt, no hassle payment, and excellent comms throughout. I can totally recommend dealing with him. I'm glad you're so happy with the bass Ben.
  2. Just bought a bass off of Karl (and a beauty it is too!). All went very smoothly, great communication. A true pleasure doing business with you sir. Cheers
  3. Doh! What a numpty, i didn't click on the photo's for close ups! Cheers
  4. Chris, just a thought, but if you've still a hankering for your old bass, the neck on this one would suit me better. So… if you bought your old one back, I could buy this off of Karl, and he could buy his old Limelight. Could that work!?
  5. Nice looking bass Karl. Now that I would have traded for the Cataldo! Here's wishing you a speedy sale
  6. Richard has just purchased a mixer desk from me. A very smooth, laid back transaction. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him again, everything was exactly as it should be. Thanks again Richard, and I hope you enjoy the desk.
  7. I think this may now be on hold!
  8. Bump for a fantastic sounding, super light, very cool bass!
  9. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1433674349' post='2792936'] Hate Marmite, love this bass [/quote] I'm having second thoughts now about your precision Karl. Need to think on a bit more though!
  10. [quote name='Shaggy' timestamp='1433584869' post='2792265'] Stunning bass, and mega bargain I've just switched from my '75 AVRI Jazz back to my Warmoth custom T'bird as the Thunderbuckers sound absolutely immense, I've not found a passive pickup to touch them Somebody buy this! [/quote] Thanks Shaggy, it really is a stunning bargain, but I guess it's a bit of a 'marmite bass'!
  11. This too was my second deal with Chris, only this time I was buying. Faultless deal, all very smooth, and with the peace of mind that I could return the bass if it didn't suit me. Well, it does, so it's staying! Thanks again Chris
  12. This really is a lovely bass, and you're welcome to come and try it. If Devon's too far for a day trip we have two B&B rooms!
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