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  1. [url="http://www.knightonmusiccentre.com/bass-guitars/esp/esp-vp-b-camo-viper-bass-in-camouflage/prod_1008.html"]http://www.knightonmusiccentre.com/bass-guitars/esp/esp-vp-b-camo-viper-bass-in-camouflage/prod_1008.html[/url]
  2. I'm in Sussex, guitar is in North Wales... But am heading to HRH next week and will pop in en route. My explorer is very neck heavy, hoping this will have better balance. I figured the ESP will be great but the most expensive guitar I have bought previously was about a grand cheaper! Did I mention it's a camo paint job? Not quite sure...
  3. Hi, Im thinking abut buying ESP Viper Custom that Ive been stalking on fleabay for a while. Its a big investment for me at approx. £1300 and have yet to play it, but seems its been in the shop for a while and not had a previous owner... I do have a LTD EX-104, that I love the sound, tone and playability which Im hoping will be the same or better on the viper Just wondered if anyone out there had any experience of such a beast and whether the price seems reasonable.
  4. Im reluctantly selling my rock stick that Ive owned from new in 1991... This is an original Hohner B Bass Professional in black with active/passive pickups, 24fret neck, steinberger bridge with the low e to d tuner (really going to miss that), through neck construction etc etc etc. Well used back in the day and as such it has some battles scars, theres some light scratches on the back and the battery compartment cover has gone missing. Still plays well , looks and sounds great, but lack of use, change of direction and small children means it has to go, The guitar is based near Brighton, more than happy to ship at cost. Ill post some pictures later today, if your interested or have any questions then drop me a line. OIRO £200
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