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  1. I've now received this, cheers Happy Anyone interested after me let me know.
  2. Hi I'm interested in reading this please.
  3. I think I was lucky. Anyway, hope you enjoy it now you've finally received it! I'm enjoying Bruce Thomas' sarcy ramblings. Thanks
  4. I'm fairly sure D'addarrio don't make the Ernie Ball roundwounds. I recently bought a set of each for my 5 string. Same guitar, same gauge, same type (nickel) and the EBs were noticably louder and more defined right across the range. Bit shocked actually. Also found the D'ad chromes to be a bit lifeless compared to other flats. Probably just me, but I'm not a fan of their strings.
  5. Amazingly, this arrived safely 2 days after Simon sent it! Not bad for't time o't year.
  6. Excellent, frank book about the life of Jaco Pastorius. Includes CD. Currently in the post to Geek99. So contact him to borrow after he's finished with it. [attachment=124874:jaco book 002.JPG] I met Jaco very briefly near to his demise when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, Fla in the 1980s. He wandered into an almost empty bar on N Federal Highway one afternoon where I was having a beer with a couple of Canadian guys. There was an old-timer house jazz band playing and he asked them if he could sit in on a number. They agreed. The guys at my table got all animated and couldn't believe I'd never heard of Jaco or Weather report! I was 20 and into punk/rock. I went for a jimmy and Jaco was in there tidying his hair up - he was in a bad state, sleeping rough etc at that time. I had no idea how famous/infamous he was and struck up a conversation with him and told him I hoped he'd liven the band up a bit! He didn't disappoint. After playing along with some jazz standard for a couple of minutes he cranked the old boy's amp up to full totally drowning out the band. It's a long time ago but I remember him doing some fast shredding type stuff at the top end of the fretboard, down on one knee! Afterwards he wandered back out the way he came in. A few weeks later I heard he'd been killed. I never discovered his music until recently through youtube, After reading this book, the encounter I had made sense.
  7. Bought a set of Chromes flatwound strings from Craig. Despite the Xmas post they arrived super fast. They thump - I'm happy
  8. Hi The JBO-1 pic is little blurred, could you tell me the ohm reading for that please? Ta
  9. Keith sold me his Squier VM jazz. He packed it amazingly well, proving that if you take enough care it is possible to send basses by courier safely. He custom made a hard box, put the bass in a gig bag bubble wrapped inside the hard box, bubble wrapped the box and put it inside a cardboard box for which he custom made handles for. He marked the package instructing the couriers to use the handles and treat it with care. Therefore the bass arrived in perfect condition. Keith paid extra to insure it as well just in case! The bass was exactly as described and the flaws which he noted in his description were frankly almost non-existent. All communication was friendly and pleasant. I'm very happy with my transaction with Keith..
  10. Hi That product from EMG is a kit including active pickups(powered by battery), volume x2 and tone x1 pots, output jack and all the wiring to install into a bass. I think it's designed to upgrade passive basses but could be wired into a preamp too if you knew what you were doing. Is your bass active? It sounds like it. Your pickups may well be passive running into a preamp. If so I'd recommend checking out Wizard pickups. I got a p/j set from them recently and they are really good. £85 for the set. Hope this helps
  11. Got my tuners from Gareth today. All he said they were. Great guy to deal with...
  12. That's a cracking deal! Lovely looker and one of the earlier ones too. A beautifully made Japanese bass. Have a bump on me!
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