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  1. I’m looking for an amp repair and service- I’m based in Worcester. Anyone know if Steve at Musical Electronic Repairs in Brum is still operational? The first post is pretty old now. Are there any other recommendations from West Mids players? I found Worcester Amps in Evesham by searching online but would rather a recommendation.
  2. "considered omission" 🤣, yes I think it was more a case of that.
  3. The follow-up, Provision, is amazing too. A really natural progression with some amazing tunes on there.
  4. Great work Bilbo and an epic bassline (there aren't many of his that don't have a degree of epic-ness!) I can remember reading/learning this for a music college performance in the late 80's and...errr.. having to approximate a few runs. The whole Why Not album is just insanely good!!!
  5. Due to constant currency fluctuations the price of these strings change on Amazon regularly- I believe you can get 1 set for £28.56 and 2 sets for £53.54 from the seller I used. Now £45 delivered in the UK.
  6. I wouldn't want to say. If they did work I work keep them 😀 I have a feeling too much of the main string would wrap around the tuning peg.
  7. Hi. They are unopened so I don’t know but I Googled and it seems these are for basses with 36” necks and over.
  8. 2 packs of DR Hi-Beams X-Long Scale 5 string 45-125 (ordered in error) brand new, unopened £45 delivered.
  9. Your example involves detuning all the strings down a half step. My example, as I mentioned, is just detuning the E string a half step to an Eb so the fingerings are correct in that instance.
  10. Jon always serviced my Eden heads when I lived in the SW. You won’t go wrong with him.
  11. I can highly recommend buying from or selling to Alex- I bought from him in this instance and he was courteous and accommodating throughout the whole process. Cheers Alex
  12. These basses are more expensive post-Brexit referendum. I paid around £320 for my V7 in late 2015. It was a no-brainier at that money. Still competitively priced but less so now. A 5 string PJ will sell well.
  13. Hi Dan, Do you still have one of these left? All the best Richard
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