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  1. "considered omission" 🤣, yes I think it was more a case of that.
  2. The follow-up, Provision, is amazing too. A really natural progression with some amazing tunes on there.
  3. Great work Bilbo and an epic bassline (there aren't many of his that don't have a degree of epic-ness!) I can remember reading/learning this for a music college performance in the late 80's and...errr.. having to approximate a few runs. The whole Why Not album is just insanely good!!!
  4. Due to constant currency fluctuations the price of these strings change on Amazon regularly- I believe you can get 1 set for £28.56 and 2 sets for £53.54 from the seller I used. Now £45 delivered in the UK.
  5. I wouldn't want to say. If they did work I work keep them 😀 I have a feeling too much of the main string would wrap around the tuning peg.
  6. Hi. They are unopened so I don’t know but I Googled and it seems these are for basses with 36” necks and over.
  7. 2 packs of DR Hi-Beams X-Long Scale 5 string 45-125 (ordered in error) brand new, unopened £45 delivered.
  8. Your example involves detuning all the strings down a half step. My example, as I mentioned, is just detuning the E string a half step to an Eb so the fingerings are correct in that instance.
  9. Jon always serviced my Eden heads when I lived in the SW. You won’t go wrong with him.
  10. I can highly recommend buying from or selling to Alex- I bought from him in this instance and he was courteous and accommodating throughout the whole process. Cheers Alex
  11. These basses are more expensive post-Brexit referendum. I paid around £320 for my V7 in late 2015. It was a no-brainier at that money. Still competitively priced but less so now. A 5 string PJ will sell well.
  12. Hi Dan, Do you still have one of these left? All the best Richard
  13. I'd heard the same- a Christian metal group? I dunno. Either way some great stuff- got turned on to him last year. Some Xmas tunes he'd done. His last album was great too.
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