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  1. hey everyone, its nice to see this forum still going and helping others pick their first bass! Iā€™m really enjoying teaching myself my fingers are starting to get use to jumping over the fretboard, my audio interface arrives in a few days and hopefully i can start getting covers up on youtube so i can share with you all, hope everyone is keeping safe and well! šŸ˜Š
  2. I really really really, lol, want to learn this song, but i'm struggling to find tabs, i found someone who covered it amazingly and in the description of their video tells you what to tune the bass to but he sadly doesnt have tabs, if anyone has tabs or could teach me it be highly appreciated, i adore this song and to be able to play it would mean the world to me, thank you!
  3. thank you everyone much appreciated
  4. Hi all hope you are all keeping well, question, eventually I want to record my bass into my macbook, what piece of equipment should I be looking at to do this, I don't want to spend too much money but i was looking at the Zoom b3n, any opinions, suggestions and advice is welcome
  5. really enjoying it, cant do any full songs yet but getting use to it and loving it, having to fit the saxophone practice in to, which i know isnt bass related but if you or anyone is interested, please check it out here:
  6. hi! iā€™m really enjoying my marcus miller v7 vintage, its lots of fun, has a lively bass tone! iā€™m new to bass and was stuck between sire and squire, after listening to the two played i found the squire to be quite dull sounding where as the sire sounds so more funky and alive, im sure what ever you choose youll have lots of fun, welcome aboard šŸ˜„
  7. that sounds so cool and retro though, i love that, i try to go to a lot of record fairs as i love listening to music on vinyl
  8. thank you so so much! all your comments give me a lot more hope lol
  9. thats true! i found that i got a lot of ringing so i switched to play it on the E string and it sounded a lot clearer, once i know how to mute open strings then i can switch between the two
  10. oooo! good shout i think il do that, thanks!
  11. ahh thank you as i was getting worried thinking should i of got a shorter scale bass but then i thought no, theres many people out there smaller than me that can play full scale and so will i, and your right eventually with practice the scale wont be a problem, i definitely will look into scott devine, thank you!
  12. piano i got up to grade 4 and sadly had to stop, guitar not so much just couple chords lol, so bass is completely new to me, definitely playing psycho killer the open bass way and like you said sounds better šŸ˜„
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