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  1. This looks interesting to use in my practice routine once I've finished the Bass Method books, I assume it doesn't include any audio? I find it useful to hear the bassline first, helps avoid any mistakes...
  2. I started it just after Christmas and currently halfway through book 2, make sure you get the spiral-bound version with audio access. I'm finding it great, it forces you to read notation from the start and has no tab so that's been a massive benefit and opened up a whole new world for me. Key parts of what I've gone through so far are notes on the first 7 positions of the fretboard, different time signatures, major/minor scales, major/minor triads, rests etc and I've found it brilliant. I record each exercise in Logic to listen to what I could have done better and what I need to improve on. I'd definitely recommend it, not so much in it regarding technique but that comes naturally playing through the exercises.
  3. I've received my refund for the TRBX and now turned my attention to jazzes as a replacement, I think I prefer the versatility. Been looking at the new Classic Vibe 60s and 70s but came across G&L Tribute JB-2s and I'm smitten. Can find them new for £300, I assume it's a no brainer at that price point? Love the sound of both.
  4. This looks lovely. If someone wants to sell me their SB-2 to fund this, be my guest!
  5. I've just seen this and looks like it may be a good alternative to the Squier? https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Vintage-Reissued-V4MVW-Vintage-White/art-BAS0008379-000
  6. It's gone back to the shop today, hopefully for a full refund with no issue. Now I've got to look for a new bass, I did plan on getting out to the shop and trying a few different ones but now that lockdown is coming back in the UK on Thursday I won't get a chance unfortunately. I've watched loads of reviews, I don't want to buy used and narrowed it down to the following: Squier CV 60s Precision: https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/precision-bass/squier-classic-vibe-60s-precision-bass-laurel-fingerboard-3-color-sunburst Really like the look and sound of this, in Olympic White it's definitely the frontrunner at the moment. I really liked the deeper P tone on my Yamaha and wasn't really into the J sound but I wonder if a P/J would be better just to have the option? GASing for the colour though. Also like the look of the new CV Mustangs, think a short scale would suit me as I don't have the biggest hands but preferred the tone of this. Harley Benton PJ-74: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pj_74ow_vintage.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA-f78BRBbEiwATKRRBOBXzNXVUkcSWet7NbcONcOx2Ggrce6m2r1PZDygl4bK-CZHsbMNFhoCkekQAvD_BwE Similar colour to the Squier, sounds good, half the price and has the J pickup too. Just worried about QC and potentially still gassing for the CV if I got this. Yamaha BB234: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Yamaha-BB234-Black/art-BAS0009147-000 Again like the sound of this but looks wise it's a bit soulless, I assume it will probably be the best built of the 3 but may be boring. Other options I've looked at are MMBS Ray4s but I'm learning with my thumb on the pickup at the moment so I'd lose that and I'm not bothered about Active electronics. Didn't like the sound of the Ibanez Talmans and don't like the look of the Sires. Budget is anywhere between £200-£350 ish, are there any better suggestions? Will be playing all sorts of music to learn but I'd probably lean to disco/funk/R&B sounds going forward once I've picked it up a bit more. Cheers!
  7. I'd not even thought about that, but looking at the photo I uploaded tonight and the original photo you can tell the knot looks different which is worrying - I really hope above isn't the case. I've emailed the vender, very well known shop which has an instrument name twice in it's name....hoping I get a satisfactory response as they were a bit short the first time.
  8. I'm not sure if I did...just trying to think of reasons why it may have happened. I wouldn't say I get sweaty hands in any way, sounds fine though so should probably just forget about it. Can always get some new strings.
  9. Just had a thought - I assume hands still slightly damp with hand sanitiser aren't very good for strings...
  10. Yeah they weren't instead which is fair enough as wood is wood and it's natural which is fair enough, I was only angling for a voucher anyway. I assume this is just coating that is wearing off of the strings.
  11. I kept it and couldn't be happier...doing a course from Talking Bass and quite happy with my progress (albeit limited) so far. I've got another very basic question which I thought i'd post in here rather than start a new thread in the hope that someone will advise me, I did do a search...I've been practicing around an hour a day, today was mainly riffs using the G string a lot and my strings have gone discoloured - I assume this is totally normal and doesn't mean the strings are dead? Not rust? Appreciate this is probably a ridiculous question - I did wipe them down with a microfibre cloth after but didn't do anything apart from make the cloth dirty! Getting a set up at the end of the month so any issues I'll just get it restrung at the same time. Cheers,
  12. Still waiting on a response from where I bought it from but you've all swayed me to keep it, agree it adds to the charm and makes it mine. Now time to start learning...
  13. Yeah, I actually think it looks quite interesting and adds a bit of character. My only worry is that if I want to sell to upgrade in the future it'll hurt resale value. It's a lot of effort to return it but I've asked the shop what they think of it.
  14. Hi there, first bass and first post! I received my TRBX in the post this morning and have no history with bass or any guitars, excited to start learning! The fretboard has this mark on, I assume it's just the grain of the wood as it feels and looks smooth but is this normal or poor QC? I bought it from a very reputable dealer and really don't want to return it, everything else seems perfect but I want to check. Hopefully I'm just worrying about nothing. Thanks
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