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  2. [quote name='EBS_freak' post='390872' date='Jan 25 2009, 12:26 PM']No - I wasn't suggesting that your bass was a GB. It's not Graham's bass. Graham still has his bass. No, he doesn't have employees. He pays for the basses to be finished by a third party. They don't work for GB. They do work for GB. I'm not being an arse - just relaying the message from Bernie.[/quote] I wasn't implying you were an arse, i'm just trying to avoid it looking like i'm selling a bass with a made up description. Thank you for asking Bernie about it, I'll have to send him some pics for more info Cheers Oli
  3. [quote name='lowdown' post='389596' date='Jan 23 2009, 02:30 PM']I had one of these about seven years ago [ darker woods ] took it to Bernie for a repair, and he did not want anything to do with it.. I believe mine was put together in Northen Ireland. It was a fantastic Bass to play. Nice finish on yours.[/quote] Hey Lowdown, Thanks for the comment! I've only seen two others than mine, a Paduk body fretless and a Bubinga/mahogany body one, somebody sold on this forum. It does play really well, very easy to set up too, luckily for me. Although I am considering getting a professional setup and a hardshell case for it this weekend. Do you have a case for yours just out of interest? Cheers Oli
  4. [quote name='EBS_freak' date='Jan 25 2009, 01:23 AM' post='390725'] OK guys - here's the guide from the man. Hi EBS freak, Thanks for the reply. I wasn't saying that the Bass was a GB I was merely referring to the link between their present company and the Goodfellow Classic Bass. Thanks for the video, the bass in that looks exactly like mine except I can't see the Dense Maple Quilt, but thats probably because of the gloss and the light. Again just in case you wanna accuse me of saying that it's Graham Gouldman's bass - i'm not, I've never detached the neck to look at the inscription. As for the distinctive knob which is different to bridge and the others, all the Goodfellow Classics I have seen all have the same, including the one on your video. AND!! so he does have employees doesn't he? In all honesty I don't mind if he does have employees doing the finishes, he still makes 5 star quality handmade basses as reviewed in Bass Guitar Magazine. I'm just trying to sell/trade one of his older models. The bass has all the features you said make an original, but I still question the distinctive hardware bit. Can you tell me about the Lowden era bit please? Also if theres any extra photos you'd like me to put, gimme a shout. Regards Oli
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  6. [quote name='silverfoxnik' post='389818' date='Jan 23 2009, 05:21 PM']This looks like an original Goodfellow as it has the matching wooden tuning pegs and the rotary control feature in the electronics. The Lowden built ones never had those special distinguishing features...[/quote] Yes it does, sorry I didn't mention, the bass has gold tuning pegs with walnut machineheads and engraved with the 'G' logo. The custom bridge is 'engraved' Goodfellow, and the Kent Armstrong Pickups are custom wound.
  7. [quote name='Geddys nose' post='389634' date='Jan 23 2009, 03:03 PM']Just a note to say Ollie's a good guy to deal with and a true gent I've got one of his old basses .Si[/quote] Cheers Si! Surprised you recognized me. Thanks again for the Sterling Its an awesome bass, hows the Birch playing?
  8. [attachment=19103:a68d_12.jpg][attachment=19102:bc23_12.jpg][attachment=19101:b23a_12.jpg][attachmen t=19098:c618_12.jpg][attachment=19099:a68d_12.jpg][attachment=19100:06e8_12.jpg] Hi Guys, I have a Rare 1985 Bernie Goodfellow Custom Classic for sale, but I'm also open to trades of all kinds - Jus send me a pm or comment. The Bass has a quilted maple top, and bottom, with a slab of walnut in between including mahogany binding. The neck is maple/mahogany/maple/mahogany/maple and has a mahogany topped headstock with the 'G' logo followed by made in England. The bass has a wenge fingerboard and minimal fret wear. It's not a short scale, but it's easier to play than my 1994 Musicman Sterling. It has gold hardware and ebony covers kent armstrong pickups, which have grooves in the side of them to place your thumb, as I say this is the most comfortable bass i've played. The Bass require two batteries and is very powerful, when needed to cut through the guitars. These basses are very rare i've only ever seen 1 in person but I know of two others, not using the same timbers. The bass has a classic Mark King shape about it, and was handmade by Bernie Goodfellow himself, instead of his employees which make the modern 5 star rated GB Rumour, and GB Spitfire. It's in fantastic conditions, the only wear is on the laquer surrounding the 4 bolt neck, it has affected the wood nor the bolt attachment or anything like that, merely missing some gloss as you can see from the photos. I have only a heavily padded Warwick gigbag for this bass. I have no reason why I'm selling it, I just have a never ending need to own different basses. Tell me what you think! p.s. I'm based in South Wales, and I can reach the Scotland to Manchester area.
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