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  1. Yeah, I used to roadie for them..... 😂
  2. Hi, anyone had any good/bad experiences with these pedals? Seen one I fancy but won't have the chance to try one for a while.
  3. I use Dunlop Ultex Tri 0.88mm and use Gorilla Snot as a grip aid...... it's basically a sticky putty used by drummers to hold sticks. Works well with plectrums.
  4. I've still got a copy of a Warwick Thumb that John built for me back in the early nineties. The build quality is impeccable as it was built to my specs. He's a great guy. Not sure of the build time on new guitars nowadays though. ....
  5. Here are are my not so identical twin Stingrays...... 😆
  6. Used to do Punk Floyd... specialising in Darkside....... in thirteen minutes 😁
  7. [quote name='leftybassman392' timestamp='1508855018' post='3394886'] Is this really the first PMT in London? Maybe I read the OP wrong, but if it is then that's one of the more surprising facts I've learned recently. [/quote] There was the Romford branch that was relabelled as PMT East London, as it just fell within the London boundary. Since the decision to open the PMT London store, East London has gone back to being PMT Romford!!! If you're not confused, I am, and I work for them.....
  8. Can anyone tell me why this warrants such a high price? [url="https://www.ebay.com/itm/FENDER-1978-JAZZ-BASS-3CS-LH-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Left-hand-used-Excellent/282703494281?hash=item41d270fc89:g:G7AAAOSw6"]https://www.ebay.com...c89:g:G7AAAOSw6[/url]
  9. Contact the distributor Strings and Things. They're usually pretty good.
  10. Crate did the PowerBlock, 150w if I remember correctly, tiny as well.
  11. I've seen the Harvest bags, but was put off by the price. Might have to just bite the bullet. ....
  12. Has anyone owned/used the Maruszyzk Leaher gig bags? I've seen them advertised at Bass Direct and I'm sorely tempted. Always fancied a leather gig bag.....😀
  13. I was expecting some tongue waggling and fire breathing when I read Kiss.....😂
  14. Yep, great basses. Plays well and the stock pickups have a lot of grunt to them. Worth a punt in my opinion.
  15. Try Andertons.... https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/TBCASE/hard-cases/reverend-two-tone-prem-tbcase-bass-guitar-case?LGWCODE=TBCASE;56375;6335&gclid=COmwpP6wv9QCFcgK0wodRHYMRA
  16. Apparently Chris Cornell has passed on at the age of 52. Never the greatest fan, but his bands always produced some quality music. Will be missed.
  17. The sound will start to distort a little and be weaker than usual as the battery dies.
  18. [quote name='Sweeneythebass' timestamp='1494517537' post='3296689'] I might be very interested... Does it do warm vintage p-bass? I'm local(ish) [/quote] Yes it does.
  19. Late 60's early seventies, built by Laney see link below for a bit of info https://www.pinterest.com/pin/191191946661069373/
  20. I've been using a Dean Pace bass for a while now. Electric bass scale length and sounds pretty good. Comes with a drum type stand it bolts to, so it's pretty stable.
  21. I was thumbing through an old copy of Guitarist magazine from '89 and came across an ad for Musical exchanges... 70's Fender basses from £250 and a '68 Precision for £400!!!!
  22. One of my bucket list basses to own... Only ever seen one lefty
  23. [quote name='Naetharu' timestamp='1487939569' post='3244351'] I assume this is the new Amazon version of an Ipad rather than the E-reader Kindle? Do you happen to know what software it runs on; is it an Android or does it use bespoke software? I android I would recommend Chord-Bot lite as a free and simple app that allows you to set up backing tracks/loops for practice. [/quote] It's a Kindle Fire, so no idea on software!!!
  24. Morning all... My good lady was kind enough to buy me a Kindle for my birthday recently. Are there any relevant bass orientated apps available, or anything good music wise, I should be looking at. Cheers, Nige
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