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  1. Yeah. Prior to buying this a few people mentioned to me that it might be too heavy or have balance issues. I never had balance issues and I actually don't think it's that heavy at all IMO (does sound heavy). My main bass is a shergold modulator.... now that's heavy.
  2. @Happy Jack sorry I don't. Don't have scales either.
  3. Ah Yes! I'm an idiot. Ofcourse. That's actually a relief! Thanks @Jus Lukin
  4. Looks like this one may end up on the classifieds as soon as I can get round to it then. Shame, love this amp set up. Also, I am sure this cab adn amp combo saved my back from caving in during my gigging days (and I was like off the stage 15 minutes before anyne else!).
  5. Hey all, Moving to Canda in a few months and wondering what to do about my amp. I've got a Mark Bass Little Mark III and matching 1x15 cab. Would love to keep them but a few people have advised to just get rid as the voltage difference means to covert is a big heachache. Anyone with experience have any views?? Attached some photos below of specs. Don't know why they're blurry - too much coffee maybe. Ta!
  6. Cheers Dapper Bandit. I'll have a read. They are pretty esoteric!
  7. Diago pedal board for sale. Pretty good condition. Nothing major. Chain-link diago powersupply included (hence £50 rather than £40 TBH). £50 - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it. Full specs for the gigman can be found here: http://www.diago.co.uk/pedalboards/diago-pedalboards.html Photos below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cw1pYgvTT7d7mccZ6
  8. Hi hive mind. Got these two effector 13 pedals that I am probably gonna sell but wanted to pot on here to see if people know much more about them! So hard to dig up info. They are both batshit crazy! Pics below of the Improbability drive (the most unpredicatble dist/OD pedal ever, some amazing tones and sometimes just silence 🤣). And the Truly Beautiful Disaster. (an amazing loop/oscilator pedal with a light sensitive eye.controller). Super keen to know whether you guys know more about origin etc!
  9. Charlie Stringer's Blue Doo pedal (Snarling Dogs). Not bass specific as I'm aware but a good and versatile overdirve/distortion pedal. I've only ever used with bass and I've used it a lot. True bypass option. Loads of versatility. Porobaly best suited to growling blues tones. Cool design - yes the eyes do light up (joy!). All in good working order. £40 (PRICE DROP) - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it. Few picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ybgp4TPhDTwdjpUZ6
  10. Awesome bass overdrive pedal. Potentially overlooked because it's ugly as sin. Loads of great reviews online. This has been a staple on my board for aaaaaages now, removing countless more boutique overdrive pedals - which shows on the fact it looks well-used. All in perfect working order. Lots of options, good clean signal through. Simple as. Built like a tank. £40 ONO - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it. One picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/FS3uiWtZ91KbEV3u5
  11. An awesome MXR Phase pedal. Good condition. Specs here: https://www.jimdunlop.com/mxr-phase-100/ £75 ONO - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it. One picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/U5ZbKsvLN4Bm5diz7
  12. I absolutely looooove this pedal. But alas, selling. Great nick (need a clean) and sounds amazing. Good price. MXR Bass octave. Simple. Does what it says on the tin and sounds beastly. £50 - perfer collection from London (Forest Hill Area), but will post as long as you pay for it. One picture below and more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8RunnoMtgC8tdukY9
  13. Having a clearout due to move. Here's a DigiTech Multi-Voice Chorus Pedal. Pretty much mint condition. Here's some blurb: DigiTech's exclusive Multi-Voicing technology, this Multi-Chorus pedal allows users to morph through a broad range of voices, resulting in a unlimited supply of lush multi-voice sounds. £25 ONO - prefer collection from London (Forest Hil) but will post as long as you pay postage. Features: - Multi-voice chorus - Blend from 1 to 16 voices - Voice randomization - Stereo and switchable CIT Cabinet Modeling outputs - Power Supply: 9V Alkaline Dry Battery - Power Consumption: 4.8Watts (w/optional PS200R power supply) - Battery Life: Approximately 4 hours (with continuous usage) - Dimensions: 4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H) - Unit Weight: 1.38 lbs Pictures below and a few more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9SruuqQbZycJiQyJ6
  14. Up for sale is this well cared for Fender Jazz Marcus Miller sig bass. Made in Japan. Lovely thing and only selling because I'm moving. All original, no replaced parts. Bought new back in 2006 I think (hazy memory) from Electo Music in Doncaster. Selling for £800 ONO. Would prefer collection from South East London (Near Forest Hill). But could courier. 2 band active EQ (with freshly installed battery) with active/passive switch. Neck and frets in good condition - there is a picture of a tiny bit of lacquer missing in the upper side of one of the frets. Doesn't affect anything other than cosmetics. Truss rod works. Set-up low. Comes with a fender hardcase - the one I bought it new with. Serial Number is S047443 - which dates it to 2006-2008. Seome pics below and more pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HQ6FDgHZLfzBePU98
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