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  1. Alesis SR16

    Ok so to recap, and I'm sorry if I'm asking really basic questions but in all my life I have never done anything more complicated audio-wise than plugging a guitar or bass into a combo. If I got an Alesis SR16 and a small mixer that has an XLR socket do I connect the mixer to the XLR input on the Ampeg and then plug both the bass and the alesis into separate channels on the mixer with quarter jack leads?
  2. Alesis SR16

    I am tempted to get a basic drum machine for practise as I never really get on with metronomes and I'm looking at the Alesis unit. Just wondering what peoples thoughts on it are. I know there is an updated SR18 but at nearly twice the price I'm not sure it offers enough extra when all I want are basic drum tracks. Are there any other rival units that are better? One thing that does confuse me is hook up - there seems to be all sorts of connections on the back to go through a midi or a mixer but can it just be put in a direct signal path between bass and amp the same way you would hook up an effects pedal?
  3. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Michael Kiwanaku - Love and Hate. Was actually released in 2016 but I didn't discover it until this year so it's my best album of 2017.
  4. How old is too old to play bass?

    Bluewine, where are you playing in the present day pic. Looks very much like the MAC arena at Canon Hill Park in Birmingham
  5. Apologies if this topic has been discussed before - I've done a search and can't find anything but if it has please forgive me and point me to the other thread. I imagine most of us could reel off the names of the most influential bassists in the last fifty years but if you were to build a music collection featuring the best examples of their work what would be in it? As an example, Adrian Ashton in his book 'The Bass Handbook' has a section on artists and recommends Led Zeppelin II as the best album to hear examples of John Paul Jones' bass work so I'll start off the collection with that album. What else should be in there - all genres of music welcome:
  6. How old is too old to play bass?

    ambient, he's probably the most dedicated because he recently gave up chasing women and has more time on his hands
  7. How old is too old to play bass?

    I first played bass in a college band when I was 18, because the other guitarist was better than me and we didn't have a bassist. Did a few gigs then we split up and I moved back home to raise my family. I've just started again with the intention of learning to play it properly - I'm 58 so I'd say your 15 year hiatus is more of a little break. Think I'm probably too old to have aspirations about joining a band again but I'm having fun
  8. take a look at the Vox pathfinder 10
  9. Newbie question about Speakon cables

    Never realised this topic was going to be such a hot potato Anyway, ordered a speakon to quarter cable from OBBM and it arrived in next to no time and top quality as always. Can thoroughly recommend him to anyone. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons though I was reading through the quick start guide that came with my Ampeg PF-500 and here's a curious thing for you. The Ampeg has both a speakon and a quarter jack input on it. In the hook up diagrams they recommend the standard set up should be speakon to speakon and also daisy-chaining using speakon as well. But they also show the possibility of a parallel setup with speakon to speakon connecting the first cab and quarter jack to quarter jack connecting the second cab. Now I'm guessing that with two cabs connected they feel the load to the second cab will be low enough to get away with quarter jack connections but surely if it is such a no-no Ampeg should have put two speakons on the amp instead of a speakon and a quarter?
  10. Newbie question about Speakon cables

    Am I sure the Ampeg will be an upgrade? Time will tell . The Fender cab I have is a big old thing from (I suspect) the 90s. It was probably designed for guitar rather than bass, weighs a ton and takes up half my small office/practice room. It's complete overkill for what I need, which is just home playing at the moment whilst I relearn bass (had a 30 year break). I would much rather a modern, light, compact 2x10 or 1x12 cab but who knows, perhaps the Fender cab will sound fantastic and I'll learn to live with its size.
  11. Newbie question about Speakon cables

    thanks for all the comments guys. And particularly for recommending OBBM. It's so weird, he must have been making cables for a few years because I've just checked my old 1/4 cable that was hooking the Fender cab up to a HH head and it's one of his -well it has a bassicbits.co.uk sticker on it anyway. I think I will get a speakon to 1/4 from him. The advice to change the 1/4 input to a speakon on the cab is a good shout but I only intend to use it for a short while until I upgrade to an ampeg or barefaced cab
  12. Newbie question about Speakon cables

    panic over. just discovered the head has a speaker AND a quarter inch input so I presume I can use either/or?
  13. Sorry if this is a daft question but I am returning to bass after many years and equipment has changed for me out of all recognition. I am about to buy an Ampeg head which I want to mate in the short term to an old Fender 4x10 cab that I already possess. What concerns me is that the ampeg head has a speakon connector, which is something I've never even seen or heard of before, but the input on the old Fender cab is just for the normal 1/4 jack that all cabs and amps used to connect with. Does this mean I cannot hook the two up together or is there such a thing as a cable with a speakon plug on one and a jack on the other (or indeed some sort of adapter)?
  14. could be interested if still for sale. let me know PS. Whereabouts are you?