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  1. Black Friday Deals

    I just ordered one as well. Crazy not to at that price. I know it's designed for guitarists to add drums and bass but I'm wondering if it can be used just as a drum machine to play along to bass. I play guitar anyway so it will get used but I'm learning bass at the moment and it would be good if I could use it as a drum machine for practising bass.
  2. Is this still for sale? and is the price £800 shipped (UK) for cash sale? thanks
  3. Can't blame the seller for trying. Anyone want to bid...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263306049274?ul_noapp=true
  4. Hi Guys Antoher question about basses from me, Still looking around trying to decide on what to buy to upgrade from my starter Stingray copy. So far I have been looking at Fender Jazz basses as I've always owned Fender guitars and love the brand. The Jazz bass also appeals with the slimmer neck. However I've just come across the Ibanez SR650. Ibanez isn't a brand I've considered despite owning an Ibanez bass (and liking it) some 40 years ago. The whole package seems almost too good to be true - P &J pickups, great tone wood, slim neck, seemingly extremely well made and at a price that seems almost unbelievable. So any thoughts - positive or negative from people that have owned or played this bass appreciated. Surprisingly there seems to be very few reviews of them on YouTube or elsewhere.
  5. Hi, feel I need some drum patterns to play along to to help my bass learning journey. What are the best apps out there for Android?
  6. oh my days.....I am now moist
  7. MIJ 62 reissue jazz bass

    just did a quick calculation, guessing the shipping at about £100 plus import duty, vat and customs clearance it would probably come in at about £815. Probably a bit expensive for what it is. shame
  8. ampeg pf-500

    Anybody know if the reliability issues that these suffered when first released has now been sorted? Looking to buy one but have heard loads of horror stories about the early ones cutting out.
  9. MIJ 62 reissue jazz bass

    Still looking around guys and have just come across this little beauty. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. The website doesn't give a lot of info but would I be correct in thinking this guitar is new rather than second hand and a MIJ rather than MIM? Also would I be correct in thinking that the equivalent 60s MIM version is no longer available - I've done a quick search and can't find any available in the UK. Not sure what it would cost once shipping and tax is added on but at just over £500 this seems pretty reasonable.....or is it? https://www.j-guitar.com/eng/product_id29297.html
  10. MIJ 62 reissue jazz bass

    Hi Looking to upgrade from my cheap learner bass and wondered what collective thoughts on this would be. It's in Spain so can't easily go to look at it. I don't know a lot about Japanese Fenders although I have a MIJ Tele which is drop dead gorgeous. Everything I've heard makes me think quality control on Japanese Fenders is a lot tighter than on Mexican/USA guitars, but does anyone know if they were generally OK in the mid nineties? Also pricewise - cheap, average or over-priced? I'm seriously considering this or a new Fender Flea bass and can't decide between the two https://reverb.com/item/6946987-fender-jazz-bass-ri-62-1995-1996-vintage-white
  11. Ellio Martina BS4

    I've just been flicking trhrough the latest issue of Bass magazine and was stopped in my tracks by the beauty off the Ellio Martina BS4 that they review (www.elliomartina.com) . Talk about damning with faint praise, hardly a paragraph went by without the reviewer referring to it as drab or boring, even likening it to a grey suit at one point. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder; for me this bass had me salivating over it's purity and simplicity and bucket loads of class. I can't justify spending two grand on a bass at the start of my bass learning journey but I'm sure at some time in the future when I think I've reached a competent enough level to justify it I'll be travelling down the road to Bass Direct to try one out. Anyone have any experience of them? Anyone else of the opinion they are extremely beautiful or am I in a very small minority?
  12. Ok, I've returned to bass after many years. I've continued to play guitar at home for most of my life but the last time i played bass was in a college band forty years ago. Back then the Vox ac30 was still fairly new kit and PA meant putting a mic in front of your combo to a larger amp at the front of the stage. And that's where I am frozen in time. I'm not a Ludite, I'm computer savvy but I'm seriously behind on sound technology. I'm trying to catch up by reading posts on this forum but things like DI, xlr and pre-amps continue to confuse me. In an effort to find out what a pre-amp is I've been searching youtube and came across The Palmer pocket amp. Can someone explain how these work as I've a feeling this might be perfect for me to practise at home without taking up the space of a full amp. Could I for instance use this entirely by itself with headphones for silent practise. Can it be used in tandem with something like a zoom b3n for more flexibility? Can it be linked to a computer to play through computer monitors with backing tracks? Further to that I get the impression some people use these pre-amps with a physical amp. What is the thinking behind that? Surely that user already has full eq on the amp itself? Sorry if these are daft questions but ya gotta learn somehow. Finally, if pre-amps are indeed suitable for home practise situations are there other altetnatives to the palmer that people would recommend
  13. Start light and build up, take the plunge with heavies or happy balance of mediums? Also roundwound, flatwound or tapewound? Confused I am.
  14. Boss GT-1B

    That's a real shame. From looking at the YouTube vids the boss unit looks better than the zoom. What puts me off the zoom is I had a zoom guitar multi-fx a few years back and it was a pile of junk, but like i said yhat was a few years back. Just throwing a curve ball in, if you wanted multi-fx and drums would you just get he zoom unit or the boss unit and add something like a mooer micro drummer?
  15. Boss GT-1B

    Does anyone know if this unit features drum patterns. Looking at getting a multi fx and decided on the zoom B3n as it seems to offer all the features I want plus drum patterns but I like the look of the Boss unit better. I Can't see any mention of drums though on any of the reviews I've read do I'm guessing it doesn't. Are there any other units other than the zoom that have drums?