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Vox Tonelab LE

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apologies if this question has been asked many times before - I have tried a search and not really found anything. I have an old Vox Tonelab LE from my guitar playing days up in the attic somewhere. I'm wondering whether this could be used for bass or whether there are any specific reasons why a guitar effects unit might not work with bass? Just wanted to ask the question before I risk life and limb looking for it in the attic. I'm, interested in the things like chorus, reverb and delay on it more than the amp modelling and overdrives

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I can’t comment specifically on the tone lab, but I suspect i5 will run  just fine on a bass except for the distortion sounds. Some guitar pedals (mostly distortions) have a low cut filter built in to reduce unwanted noise. Guitar Choruses and the like tend to be fine on bass.  Guitar  Compressors are also a mixed bag; many of them just don’t seem to work well on bass.


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