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  1. Low points for me were the rappers who in fairness are probably good at their thing but it had no place here ... and Dock Of The Bay, a song I love, getting murdered by two people who should've done it so much better. I recorded it and will listen through it again, but I doubt I'll keep it.
  2. I'd never come across this series, so many thanks to Bubinga5 for posting...I'm really enjoying it...some great musicians and guests and just seems like such a cool time being had by everyone.
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGxjm67KFBA[/media] I'm a big fan of Paul Wolfe's How To Play Bass stuff ... Clearly shown and structured versions of how to get through a song... That said I do tend to watch a few different versions of a tune just to see what other ideas people come up with...I'm not bothered about religiously playing an original note for note, just want to produce the best version I can. Constantine Isslamow and Finbars Bass Lessons are two I watch a lot of...Constantine always seems to be almost 100% accurate and Finbar, while a bit hard to follow at times, is a great presenter.
  4. Not watched the whole episode yet, as I'm a couple of seasons behind, but I've no problem with the idea at all. I did find the scene on youtube, and I think it was well done...Ed sang well, and nothing seemed forced or out of place... apart from the very odd notion that, after all she's been through, young Arya would willingly stop for a meal with a bunch of soldiers alone in a forest... The song reminded me of John Tams singing 'O'er the hills and far away' in the Sharpe TV series. And that's no faint praise...
  5. I asked a somewhat similar question here a couple of weeks back. I've a MarkBass combo, and matching 151 cab. I was considering the same idea, but was advised against it. What I did on my first gig out with the rig was I stacked, but turned the bottom cab facing across the stage, towards the drummer and guitarist. That worked perfectly.
  6. Update: I went ahead and got the extension cab. First gig last week, I stacked them, but with the bottom one facing sideways towards the drummer and guitarist. This worked great! My only problem was that the sound guy in the venue couldn't get a DI from me, despite trying different cables and a new DI box...And this was my fault for being an idiot and totally forgetting the combo has a line out volume control ! Luckily the rig carried the room (about 80 people, nice simple straight room) very easily on it's own.
  7. [quote name='oo.viper.oo' timestamp='1498541883' post='3325302'] The main point is that whole band should play according to the drummer. Guitarist does not [b]have[/b] to hear you well. When you gig, it's often about compromises and it's the audience who you play for, so they have to have a good sound. That you don't have a good sound on stage is often inevitable side-effect. [/quote] You don't know my guitarist ... if he can't hear me he's quite likely to completely lose his timing - for some reason he can't lock in on the drummer. I do completely agree with your point about the audience deserving the best sound we can give.
  8. Thanks, Jack. It wasn't so much spreading the sound as having a bass cab right behind the guitarist so he can hear me keeping time ... a concept he seems to struggle with
  9. Hi folks. I've just got my hands on a Mark Bass Jeff Berlin Player's School combo - 250w, 15in speaker. It's proved itself in three band rehearsals so far, competing with a reasonable drummer (a rarity, I know!) and a guitarist who occasionally gets too loud. However, we've a couple of bar gigs coming up soon, with only basic PA support (vocals only, I believe), and I'm worried I might need just a bit more punch. I'm thinking of getting the matching NY Blackline 151 cab. I've a couple of questions... 1. I'd like to place the combo and extension speaker either side of the drummer, but I've heard there are possible phasing issues. I've really no idea about the technical/theory stuff so while I gather it's probably best to just stack them I'd just like to know is it possible without causing some sort of cosmic upheaval? 2. Is it better to just sit the cab(s) flat on the ground or tilted or on a beer crate or something? 3. Does anyone who has one of these have any favourite settings? It seems popular to leave everything pretty much flat and just use the VLE/VPF controls to adjust eq. (We're playing a collection of standard rock/blues covers - Cream, Rory Gallagher, Stones, etc., I'm using a Fender P with flats)
  10. In the early days of our relationship, I brought herself to Chris DeBurgh - several times. Obviously she's not a music lover.
  11. 1976. No interest in playing any musical instrument at all if I remember rightly...my bass-playing days began 4 years later. I honestly cannot remember what interests I did have - I know I was playing a fair bit of table tennis but can't say I was that dedicated to it. I did read 'The Hobbit' that year (I still have my very dog-eared and often-re-read copy of it, it was a birthday present) so it's quite likely I was planning an epic treasure hunt.
  12. Unless I had something in writing absolving me of any responsibility if stuff goes missing, etc, I wouldn't accept this. You're leaving yourself open to a lot of hassle if anything goes wrong.
  13. Milty, I don't know if you use Facebook, but there's a page called Join and Jam Ireland, which is aimed at getting folks together for a jam...maybe something more. I know most of the members are in the south - but it might be worth a look, or even setting up a similar page locally. EDIT : I really like the ad's no-nonsense approach. Maybe consider including a couple of bands you'd like to sound like?
  14. I like it. It's not always perfect, but it has a good selection of songs and most of them are close enough for rock and roll. Well worth a few pounds.
  15. I got Jack Bruce. I can live with that, although if I had got Duck Dunn I was buying everyone on BassChat a whiskey.
  16. I got two drummers to a rehearsal once... it didn't work. They both got a bit paranoid that the other guy was replacing them, barely spoke to each other, and played like maniacs... I just heard a radio ad for a Led Zep tribute band playing here in Dublin soon...with three drummers ! it may be just me, but I can't for the life of me see the point in having more than one.
  17. I'd bring it to an expert. Necks and truss rods scare me.
  18. My first suggestion would be get yourself to an ear specialist and have your ears checked out, then see what plugs etc they suggest. Obviously the guitar volume battle is one us bassists seem fated to lose, but perhaps look at where you are on stage - is one of them amps blasting right at you, or snare/cymbals too close or a PA speaker? From bitter experience many years ago, and with about 40% hearing in my right ear as proof, placement can make a big difference. Or taking a baseball bat to the offending guitarists...but that's almost always a last resort.
  19. Owen, I've no idea. However she's playing a cafe gig with Mike Hanrahan of Stockton's Wing in Wicklow at the end of the month. If I get a chance, I'll be sure to ask her.
  20. To be perfectly honest, over the years I have flirted with all sorts of flavours ... some sweet, some bitter, some exotic, some just downright weird. At the end of the day, it has to be vanilla.
  21. The very lovely Leslie Dowdall and In Tua Nua... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InmR5R1X428
  22. Let's not forget Sinead O' Connor too. Gone a bit off the rails but what a voice! I remember playing in a support band for her and her wonderfully-named Ton Ton Macoute band in the Underground in Dublin. That's now a 'gentleman's club', my band of the time rather rapidly disappeared up it's own backside, but Sinead's still surviving.
  23. Interesting phenomenon...I bet some bright spark could write a sociology thesis about what caused this. Three great songs there, by the way... I have mixed memories of a Gary Glitter gig in Dublin many years ago - at the time I thought it was one of the best live shows I'd ever seen, great music and he was a great showman. Now, of course, knowing what we know of him...
  24. Back in my full-time playing days, (1982-98, approx) I always just had one bass - mainly 'cos I couldn't afford another one. I did carry tools, strings, cables etc ... but I honestly can't remember a single time the band had to stop playing on my account ...(drummers, guitarists, Keys...that's another story!) That said, we did in fact have some tunes worked out to cover any one of us dropping out. In these enlightened times (ie since the advent of th'Internet and forums full of scary stories) I reckon I would much rather bring along a spare - and preferably a guitar tech to get the main bass back up and running with minimum delay !
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