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  1. I know “it’s all you fault” from Hot Club of Cowtown, who also hail from Austin!
  2. Thanks @Jean-Luc Pickguard that sounds like a good option without breaking the bank and having an alternative use 👍🏼
  3. These seem very reasonable at under £40. I’ve been satisfied with my Behringer Vamp, so have you tried it with acoustic guitars as I have 3 of those?
  4. Perhaps Fender have been their own worst enemy. There Japanese and Mexican products have been so good there is no need to buy USA made.
  5. My PA man says the signal from my NS NXT EUB is weak, so I have been putting it through my Behringer V-Amp processor, but that’s a large bit of kit and has lots of things in it which I’d only use with my bass guitars. Can any one recommend a reasonably priced small pre-amp or booster pedal which might do the trick?
  6. Have I got the blues, no the greens!
  7. It sounds like the guitarist has a lack of confidence, can I suggest you record a rehearsal and give that to practice to, he may not feel able to play the songs on his own at home.
  8. Isn’t that what some bloke called Boris did or tried to do?
  9. Whilst I am an unrepentant “remainer ”; I thought one of the results of Brexit was that we were no longer in Europe and therefore ineligible to be in Eurovision.
  10. Swing low sweet chariot - The England Rugby 11 ( and lots of others before).
  11. I’d be interested to know the answer to this as well. Some day the supplied strings will need to be replaced, but I guess as they get older, they’ll be duller and more like a real DB.
  12. And of course add Carol Kaye to the list given by meterman. The days of these excellent studio musicians are probably gone.
  13. I saw him at the Festival Hall, London when they toured the Blues Brothers band after the “2000” film came out. He was playing the Fender DDD signature bass with the duck on the pick guard. He and Steve Cropper we’re obviously having a ball being out on the road again and sounded phenomenal even without Dan Ackroyd on vocals. As a bonus they had Eddie ( knock on wood) Floyd with them,
  14. Can you post a photo? Your description makes it sound amazing!
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