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  1. and i beleive i traded it or bought it from bubinga , themn traded it with ryancowel for a spector 4 string .... (early beautiful bass euro lx with solid wings l ) as was the obstinate
  2. Would u be interested in a trade at all?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. hi guv , had u had any experience with the difference in tone and response compared to the ebs neo cabs? i gather these cabs are heavier but would u say the weight is a better trade for the better sound? kindest regards ziggy
  5. mayb i shoul give it a second chance
  6. i owned this for a while and its stunning stunning bass.
  7. Have you any idea how this would compare to a 1x15 cab? I have epifani 4 x 10 cabs but want a bassier push from a 1x15 . im wondering if this would sound as big as a 1 x15 mark bass cab ive borrowed from a friend.? kindest regards
  8. ooo this looks kool bet it sounds insanely good
  9. oh my soo wanna pull the trigger on this, silly question whats the wood like under the pick gaurd ? as id wanna pay a clear one on . thak you
  10. hi all, need some advice, i am currently using my freinds 1x15 mark bass cab (series1) with my ebs 660 head an an epifani 4x10 (series 2). i cant really warrant spending 500 notes on buying a new mark bass cab so ive been offered a epifani 2x12 for half that price . im wondering wether the 2 x12 will be a bit more focused than the 1 x 15 but still have that low end bolocks that the 1 x 15 has? lalternatively im thinking of getting a ebs 1x15 and a 4 x10 to use with the ebs head and using my epifanis with my epifani head only. Are the ebs cabs as good as the heads and on par with the mark bass and epifani gear? youre thoughts would be glady appreciated
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