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  1. 4pwclm

    Oldman Feedback

    Thanks Brian nice smooth piezo deal l
  2. Stained a bass with Liberon ebony wood dye and rubbed it back the next day not recommended I have also tried this same stain on an ebony EUB fingerboard it just came off when I played it leaving my hands black !
  3. Its 30" scale with a clear oil finish overall 39" from tip to toe .
  4. Thanks guys this is the first short scale fretted I have made its a dream to play . Gary
  5. Just completed today. A reclaimed oak & mahogany 4 string through neck bass with a Rocklite fingerboard . Gotoh tuners Kent Armstrong PUs and pre/ Schaller bridge. Small offset body weighs in at a very well balanced 10 lbs . Made from rails of an oak door and all parts provided by members of Basschat many thanks. Gary
  6. I just tried to make the headstock as lightweight as possible to balance the bass
  7. I have always wanted one of these. All parts were sourced on Basschat . The body consists of a one piece 1 " 1/4 ash slab with a mahogany "stripe" and a bookmatched ash top. Ash through neck with rosewood finger board, Music man tuners / Nordstrand PU / John East MM preamp Khaler bridge Dunlop strap locks all bought on site .
  8. What does it weigh in at Andre ?
  9. Have a listen to Jeff Beck Wired and Blow by Blow truly classic jazz/funk/rock
  10. Thanks for your kind comments I have been working on 6 basses over the past few months I should be able to post one a week as I finish them.
  11. Thanks guys its a real silky smooth player too!
  12. Fantastic build Andre I have 2 Nova headless systems ready for my next 2 builds, Gary
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