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  1. Sorry to read this mate. I haven't sold anything on eBay for many years now and when I buy, they're very low cost items from people with a huge amount of positive feedback only. I think if I did sell, it'd be "Buy it now/offers" only and I'd include a sentence saying something like "Only buy if you have x amount and x% of positive feedback."
  2. I've seen this both as a performer and as a promoter. I've been putting on shows of original bands for about two and a half years and have found that there are so many factors that can make a night a success or not. I put a lot of effort and time planning the events, ensuring the performers work well together, put up posters, push it on social media and sometimes we still get less than 10 people turn up. And you're often fighting the weather - if it rains, the event is generally ruined. And you're also fighting Sky, Netflix, Prime, etc., etc. A lot of people just can't be bothered to go out and watch originals music.
  3. @Hellzero have you got a BB800 or BB802? Or have you owned/used either? I'd be intrigued to hear your opinion if you have?
  4. I think the design aesthetic leaves a lot to be desired when compared to brands like the Darkglass and Aguilar. Admittedly I completely acknowledge that whether something looks good or bad to you is a very personal thing.
  5. Ah yes, I am being dumb as usual And you're right - that is a bit of a home goal isn't it! Hmm - that does seem pretty stupid!
  6. Anyone used one of these? What were your thoughts? I'm really leaning towards getting one.
  7. Sorry am I being stupid but is this not an XLR out on the 802? https://www.thomann.de/gb/quilter_bass_block_802_bass_head.htm
  8. Hmm...this is very interesting! I think this is something I might pursue. Yes - my pedalboard contains: Lehle volume pedal into... Darkglass Alpha Omega Distortion into... Digitech Obscura Delay into... TC Electronic Flashback Delay into... Neunaber Immerse Reverb into... TC Electronic Flashback Delay into... TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper into... TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper
  9. Yes, I currently use two Trickfish Bullhead 1Ks. A stereo power bass amp would be cool - I must admit, I've not looked into that.
  10. Yes, I must admit I am starting to lean toward an Eich T900.
  11. Taking into account things like purity/cleanliness of sound, size, weight, power, etc., what's the best class D bass amp head you've used?
  12. I'd love to buy one purely to the cost but I play in stereo so I need two. I'm excited about getting them now.
  13. 2 x Barefaced Super Midget 12"s it is then Bill. Thanks a lot for your assistance on this.
  14. I understand Bill - thanks a lot for your input here. I am starting to lean toward two Barefaced ONE 10s or even two Super Midget 12s now given the weight. Is this any good in your opinion? https://www.eich-amps.com/110xs
  15. Are there any 1x10s you’d recommend Bill?
  16. I've hit up Barefaced now. I'll see how that goes - thanks folks.
  17. I do yes - one cabinet is to my right and the other cabinet is to the left of the drummer. I use a ping-pong delay effect a fair amount so it is quite noticeable live. It’s not all real loud like that - here is a much quieter excerpt. IMG_1793.MP4
  18. I know this won’t be to people’s taste but here is a snippet of what we do - this is a louder section of course - it’s a low B/fifth/octave through two delay pedals, a reverb and a bass distortion. I play in stereo with two Trickfish Bullhead 1Ks that each drive one Trickfish TF112 cabinet each. Amazing equipment but I just don’t think two 1x10s will be able to get close to what I need. IMG_1782.MP4
  19. Hmm interesting Si - thanks for this. Sorry for being a dummy but I guess you can run your pure amp 800 without a preamp if you wanted to? Just no bass/treble/high mid/low mid control right?
  20. Real nice set up. I like the power brick too. I’ve got a Strymon Ojai which is too tall of course. so is the GRBass Preamp 800 just a power amp then?
  21. Really nice bass. I’ve been looking for a six-string version for years now.
  22. This highlights how poor my understanding is so thanks a lot for your input. So if the crucial frequencies are double the fundamentals meaning a low B is 62Hz, do you think a 1x10" (and the TF110 specifically having a frequency response of 50Hz - 18.4kHz) will handle the low B okay? Ultimately, I confess that I think I'm going to have to plan a trip to some place and try a couple out.
  23. I do get you - it's the weight and awkward shape of the 12s though - my shoulders are shot.
  24. Thanks a lot Bill - you've been real helpful mate. I use a six-string so considering the low B is around 31hHz and the TF110 handles lows of 50Hz whereas the TF112 handles lows of 35Hz, I think I'm asking the impossible.
  25. Post something on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages if they're not responding at all?
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