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  1. SOLD: Vein-Tap Gallows Multiple x4 True Bypass Looper Sold previously but it took a knock sometime during the very lengthy delivery so I’ve got it back, opened it up, reconnected a wire that had come loose, checked everything else internally, tested all functionality/lights, etc. and the pedal is working perfectly again. Before and after photographs below. For the total tone purist, true bypass loop strips are the only way to go. Now you can go there in style with the Vein-Tap Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper. - Loops: x 4 - Activation: Quiet soft touch (no click) This configuration will cost £99.95 new from the lovely Vein-Tap folks.
  2. I’m very surprised this is still available actually - it’s a great price honestly - they’re ultra rare - when they came out I bought the Jazz Bass equivalent - a fabulous instrument.
  3. How about a Barefaced Super Midget? I see a fair few upright bassists pair one of these with an Acoustic Image Clarus amplifier. https://barefacedaudio.com/products/super-midget
  4. This is very useful - thanks very much for providing. A fan does bother me enough though so I'll go for an Acoustic Image Clarus SL.
  5. Once, and assuming, we eventually get back to being able to perform live properly again, I'm leaning towards pairing an Acoustic Image Clarus SL-2 with a Barefaced FRFR Super Midget.
  6. With the Acoustic Image Clarus SL and the GSS Baby Sumo, I don't really understand why any amplifier needs a fan nowadays frankly.
  7. A Barefaced amplifier would be very, veerrryyyy interesting... as long as there’s no fan!
  8. I sold a stand to Tony who paid right away and was great to work with throughout. An absolutely excellent basschatter and I hope to deal with him again one day soon.
  9. The Gallagher brothers - particularly Liam with his "Suuuuuunnnnnnnsssshhhhhheeeeeeeiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeee".
  10. Vein-Tap Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper x 4. For the total tone purist, true bypass loop strips are the only way to go. Now you can go there in style with the Vein-Tap.com Gallows Multiple True Bypass Looper. Activation: Soft touch (not hard click). This unit costs £99.95 from Vein-Tap. Here is their product page: https://www.vein-tap.com/product/multiple-true-bypass-looper/
  11. That is absolutely lovely. Beautiful looking bass. GLWTS.
  12. I'm definitely going the Acoustic Image route with the Clarus SL-2 amplifier when/if we get back to any kind of normal gigging situation again... ...I really want to get one now but just can't justify it with zero live events scheduled
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    Sold a couple of stands to Lawrence and he paid instantly. Communication was great throughout. Cheers mate.
  14. thebassist


    I tend to always use interparcel.com but I've used transglobalexpress.co.uk and parcel2go.com too. I've had two problems before and interparcel.com have always sorted everything out and their communication has been great in my personal experience. They have instant chat too which I think is very useful.
  15. Rich bought a strap from me. Instantaneous payment, great communication and completely hassle free. Thanks a lot Rich.
  16. The TC Electronic Flashback Delay is quite nifty Mini model - nice and small. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TC-Electronic-Flashback-Mini-Delay-Guitar-Effects-Pedal/184478710288?hash=item2af3c9ba10%3Ag%3AU0UAAOSwkydffcOC&LH_BIN=1 Alternatively, the regular one with more features. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TC-Electronic-Flashback-Delay-and-Looper-Pedal-Used-Excellent-Condition/184492253474?hash=item2af4986122%3Ag%3A75cAAOSw2NxfixZg&LH_BIN=1
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    Feedback for ikay

    Sold a pick guard to Ian - super fast payment and completely straight forward deal. Thanks mate.
  18. Jeff bought a tuner from me - instant payment and ultra easy going. I hope to deal with him again.
  19. Goran bought an amplifier from me. Instant payment and an easy guy to work with.
  20. They are expensive but the upgrades are pretty decent in my opinion - that said, if you've already got a P and/or J that you're really happy with, these are probably not worth going for. But I am happy to see tortoiseshell back on the 3-color Sunburst and Olympic White basses.
  21. Fender Fatfinger Chrome Sustain Enhancer. SOLD
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