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  1. I think strings are most important just like you said. Pickups 2nd most important. What are your favorite strings?
  2. Sure. The amp you designed is just fine in that area. I can't hear it 1 foot away. The other one sounds like a jet. I've even contemplated trading it in for a 2nd mesa, probalby a wd-800.
  3. Well, I do have a pbass, well a P/J, but I still feel the same way about it. What would lessons do? Have me play the string closer to the neck? Closer to the bridge? I've tried it many times and I'm pretty sure that after 4 years its just not for me.
  4. I'd never play in condition that hot anyway. I just don't like fan noise lol.
  5. Odd question...but what is "opposite" of the classic Fender passive bass (Jazz or Precision)? Why do I ask? Well my Fenders just aren't doing it for me. I quiet playing from about 2006-2016 and when I got back into it I followed the herd and bought some J basses. But to be honest, I just don't like the way they sound or feel. I've spent 1000's of dollars on pickups, amps, strings, external preamps, and I just just think that they, like most passive basses sound dull, thin, and lifeless. I know many people love them. I'm not trying to dunk on them, I just was wondering, what is the least fender like bass that isn't too "radical"? Back in the day I played active Ibanez basses and I'm thinking of going back. Just don't know 100% what direction to go.
  6. Because it has an amazing sounding preamp that I love. I run its di through a small mixer and blend as well.i can't stand bad tone and think all basses, yes literally all basses, sound awful without a good preamp heading in to the console. I dont like the pure sound of any bass I've ever owned. Yes, I'm picky about tone. Because of the fan noise it gets used less than my other amps.
  7. Sure I get all that and agree. Maybe my logic is too simple. I know the mesa amp and the aguilar are based around the same power module. Knowing that you made the mesa work with quiet fans it seems reasonable to assume other manufacturers could do the same thing. I'm sure there are several variable here. Where is the flaw in my thinking? If there is a choice of a quiet fan to do the job vs a louder one, I don't see the reason that would lead to a designer choosing the louder one.
  8. Yeah I'm not saying there is a manufacturing defect, that it operates any other way than as designed. I'm just saying the fans should and could be quieter.
  9. I agree and its probably beyond me to do it. I'm comparing it to your amp, the d800+, which is my main amp now. The d800+ is very quiet. I own the d800+ DI too, so perhaps I'm making an issue out of nothing, but was kinda just wondering.
  10. I've owned 2 of these amps (AG700) both had the same fan noise. It kicks on after few minutes of playing. Most of the time I'm using it as a DI for silent practice and it is annoying. I'm comparing it to my mesa d800+ which is dead quiet and its fans run the whole time. Just don't understand why if there is a quieter option, a manufacturer would not use it.
  11. I have two main amps Mesa d800+ Aguilar AG 700 The mesa is dead quiet and the Aguilar sounds like a jet taking off. Well maybe not that loud, but you get the point. Has anyone every swapped these fans out for something quieter?
  12. Had the same experience (minus injuries) a few weeks ago. We were awful. Drummer ( or should I say ex-drummer) is freaked about pandemic, and that's ok of course, so we had to make a go of it without a complete band. We did three rehearsals and actually played a "gig", no drummer of course, outdoors at the singers company picnic at his lake house. It get's better, so no worries. People aren't getting music live entertainment these and days and a couple of people asked if we'd be playing all summer at the lake lol.
  13. Gotta be optimistic. Hopefully vaccine or no vaccine we all can play gigs in 2021. Myself I played in front of people at a small company picnic last week. First of 2020.
  14. Yep. Agree 100%. Now people will say yeah but once you give it a good setup it will be fine. Not always true. Some necks are just messed up. Some sit in around with some much relief that they "take a set" and never come back to a good position. I'm picky, I'll admit that. I can tell if my action changes by 1/64th. I want low low low action. I want to play a touch screen lol. For example I considers Fender's recommended action/relief to be sky high.
  15. My mesa d800+ and the subway 210 and 115 cabs are the only gear I'd never get rid of.
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