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  1. A player that I really like the sound of is Mick Karn. The background to all of this is that I'll be taking possession of a new fretless with a rosewood board soon. I was thinking that a pick-up replacement might give it some extra sparkle (because it's quite an inexpensive instrument). I played an old single-coil (fretted) tele bass for years with Rotosound roundwounds on it and loved it, but I imagine putting these brutes on a RW fretless would be like grinding round files over soft cheese. I'd like to stick with rounds and have read that nickels are gentler on the board. So, I'm thinking DR nickel Lo-Riders, Sunbeams or Pure Blues. Or maybe D'Addario nickel NYXLs? Or La Bella nickel rounds. In the 45-105 range. The bass is a PJ with an ash body, maple neck and rosewood board. Thanks - any tips would great!
  2. Good point. I've been considering DR Sunbeams... maybe I should try a set before doing anything drastic. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Trueno - that's great feedback and much appreciated. I'm the same with tech-type analysis. The tone either moves you or it doesn't - it's very subjective stuff. Looks like I'll be emptying my wallet soon!
  4. Does anyone use Nordstrand NPJ4SE pickups on their PJ? Can you give me your opinions please.
  5. Great to know - thanks Lozz. I think I'll go for the nickels.
  6. Hi everyone. Can I please get some opinions about Elixir strings on a fretless rosewood board? (1) Do they offer more protection from wear than normal roundwounds, and (2) do they have the brightness of conventional roundwounds (like D’Addario’s)? I’d like to stick with roundwounds. Any recommendations or insights would be great. Thanks.
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