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  1. Had the same experience (minus injuries) a few weeks ago. We were awful. Drummer ( or should I say ex-drummer) is freaked about pandemic, and that's ok of course, so we had to make a go of it without a complete band. We did three rehearsals and actually played a "gig", no drummer of course, outdoors at the singers company picnic at his lake house. It get's better, so no worries. People aren't getting music live entertainment these and days and a couple of people asked if we'd be playing all summer at the lake lol.
  2. Gotta be optimistic. Hopefully vaccine or no vaccine we all can play gigs in 2021. Myself I played in front of people at a small company picnic last week. First of 2020.
  3. Yep. Agree 100%. Now people will say yeah but once you give it a good setup it will be fine. Not always true. Some necks are just messed up. Some sit in around with some much relief that they "take a set" and never come back to a good position. I'm picky, I'll admit that. I can tell if my action changes by 1/64th. I want low low low action. I want to play a touch screen lol. For example I considers Fender's recommended action/relief to be sky high.
  4. My mesa d800+ and the subway 210 and 115 cabs are the only gear I'd never get rid of.
  5. I don't buy without trying, generally, because I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER pickup about how basses play. Its gotta have a fast neck and low action or its a deal breaker. If I ordered 10 basses I'd be returning 10 of them. I know people say you just gotta get it set up, but I've owned basses that no amount of work by myself or qualified luthiers would get them to play right.
  6. Yep, Try a GK at 12:00 vs an Aguilar and see if they are "flat". If they are flat they'd sound the same, but they don't, of course.
  7. I have a lifetime membership to Scott's site and also his technique course. I really like both. I guess the Marketing is over the top. I know some here called it "American Style" marketing, but as an American the first time I saw it, I thought it was odd, thought it must have been British style marketing. The only downside I see to Scott's videos is he has a very long-winded guy, very chatty, as opposed to Mark at Talking bass, who gets right tot the point. Scott's videos kind of remind me of Anderton's reviews where they talk a lot, but if you have patience, there are some good things in the videos.
  8. It depends. I know I saw a rig rundown with Flea's tech and he sets his basses up with 3/64's (1.17mm) and almost no relief. Marcus Miller plays with super low action too.
  9. Fender jazzes. Well these would probably actually go in my Squier VM 5 String. Amps? Aguilar ag700, Mesa d800+, gk mb 200. I don't play anything heavy, just covers, no overdrive. I just like a nice smooth mellow bass tone.
  10. Seymour Duncan Apollo jazz bass pickups. Has anyone tried them? Opinions?
  11. I get your broader point, but while lots of class D amps use the same power module but the power sections aren't exactly the same. My Mesa d800+, my Aguilar AG 700, and the mesa WD-800 all use the same ice power module. But they have some thing built into the power section around those modules. But the d800+ and the WD-800 have tube simulation built into their power sections according to their designer. You can run them down to 2ohm. The Aguilar goes down to 2.67 only and no tube emulation in the power section. The tube emulation (the d800+ plus model has it in the preamp as well, and the WD actually has tube) means they don't sound the same. Heck the WD even has adjustable damping.
  12. I like Scott's Bass Lessons. I have a lifetime membership. But for me his technique accelerator course on teachable was a game changer. I don't think I've really had any bad experience with online content. Something to be learned everywhere.
  13. I see, so its more like a whole OS update that a preset? Curious to hear it.
  14. Thanks appreciate the offer but I'm a few thousand miles away lol. The BFT is an overdrive?
  15. Cool. I think I've seen this video. As I understand it, the "Q" widths on the 4 band eq filters are adjustable as well right?
  16. I really want a B|amp, but can't demo one in person.
  17. I've an AG 700. It's a great amp. I've not used it with a GS 410, but I will say it's sounded great with every cab I've ever tried it with. As far as Aguilar cabs go, I think it pairs better with the SL than the DB series, so I think the GS would be great with it.
  18. I'll just say that my pickups of choice for any 4 string jazz bass are DiMarzio Model J, or maybe Ultra Jazz's. Been around forever and are hum cancelling too. Fairly inexpensive as well.
  19. Hello, Thanks for having me here. Looks to be a good site. I played from about 2000-2006, took a 10 year break, and the started up again in 2016. Currently playing fender jazz basses, with one p/j for good measure. Amps ar Mesa d800+, Aguilar AG700, and GK MB200. Mesa subway cabs and one avatar b410 neo.
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