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  1. I've seen a claim on talkbass that the new BBs have a hum-cancelling J. Is it true?
  2. What is the pickup in the Limelight, do they wind their own?
  3. I'm getting something not too different from a builder who does similar things, and this was one of my shortlisted colour schemes (I went for pearl white in the end, and part of me regrets that, looking at yours). NBD thread in a few days, current status: refreshing UPS tracking page 17 times per minute 😬
  4. Me too, that's a very classy and surprisingly rare look for a P bass
  5. Just had this reminded of by youtube, with a 735a in rather competent hands.
  6. Matt bough a pedal from me and made the whole experience super smooth and easy. Pleasure.
  7. The only thing I don't like about Lee Sklar is what he did to that 1962 jazz he mentioned in the video.
  8. I think "Fame" was a house brand of another German store, MusikStore maybe? Basses were indeed made by Mayones, but there were also amps etc. A few years before that, Mayones had another side brand, Flame (pretty much same logo as Fame), which was making Fender and MusicMan inspired instruments. Then, all their regular lines were marketed as both Mayones and Zak for years and years, for whatever reason. I've tried hundreds and also never clicked with most. My favourite was the early, more round-shaped be-5. Very Warwick inspired, but not a copy of any particular model. Until recently, you could pick up a second hand one in Poland for £300.
  9. They're not related. Adrian Maruszczyk is based in Germany, and uses a luthiery workshop in southern Poland. Those guys made other brands before. Now, Mayones is in Gdańsk, some 400 miles north, and is a (Dziewulski) family business. At first known mostly locally for decent and inexpensive instruments "for beginners" marketed under a few brand names simultaneously (see pic). They were well built, had good hardware (Schaller Tuners, WSC pickups) and cost about as much as a Squier Affinity.
  10. Yeah, I was thinking about tobacco burst, teal, metallic black etc, and finally went for the humble "olympearl" white for my upcoming Buzz 🤔
  11. Indeed - it's ready now but won't be shipped for a few more days 😭
  12. Very cool. Classy, understated, yet somewhat sinister.
  13. Doing customer service for a big company whose deliveries are handled exclusively by Hermes, I can't say I find this extreme 🤔
  14. These look super nice. A P-bass is like a burger - quality ingredients put together by someone who knows what they're doing and you get something hugely satisfying.
  15. Ben bought my trusty Cali76, everything was quick and smooth. Real gentleman.
  16. +1 for Restauracja Gitar. I will have my Buzz (their own brand) in a couple of weeks, and ordered confidently after playing a few of their instruments. They are becoming a bit of industry standard in Poland. I specified everything including upgraded/upcharged finish (Oly white with pearl mixed in), pickup (DiMarzio) and pickguard (Montreux celluloid) and still don't know what I'll pay for shipping, but even with it included, it will probably work out under a grand. If it has to be a Fender, they always have a selection of Japanese ones, some just cleaned, setup etc; some fully refinished, often in crazy colours - I remember a Paisley on a whole Bass, including headstock and back of the neck. He won't put a Fender logo on a guitar that wasn't a Fender before the refin.
  17. I am selling these fantastic pedals as they don't get used anymore. The Cali I bought from here as almost new, in 2012 I believe. This is the plain version without the transformer. Works at 9 or 18v, jumpers inside can be relocated to switch to either buffered or true bypass. I've never opened it and don't know what's the setting. Absolutely beautiful pedal, but overkill for me. Some very minor scratches. Would happily accept Sansamp BDDI V2 as part-exchange. £350 otherwise. SOLD. DigiTech Bass Synth Wah. Super fun. Works perfectly. £50. SOLD. MXR. I have the box. From 2009 I think. Gigged a lot, but doesn't show it. Works perfectly. £90. I'd be happy to swap it for a decent compressor, smaller, simpler and cheaper than the Cali above (eg. Seymour Duncan, Rothwell, Fender The Bends etc). Or maybe for a brand new Zoom b1 four? Or a Hipshot D-Tuner BT3 in nickel 😬
  18. Yes, just like there's way more BMW M3s in Poland than they have ever made.
  19. My first was a Presto-Lang much like the one pictured (photo off the internet, I don't have any of mine), but sparkly red. It was a collab between a post-communist national factory and a proper local luthier. Good bass, if ugly. Bright, resonant and lively. Heavy ash body, 3-piece maple neck. I bought it from a studio that this metal band called Vader resided in, for 200pln (£40). Had decent hardware and passive "designed by EMG" pickups. It had aluminium monorail bridges which had rusted screws and couldn't be adjusted. I swapped it for a brass equivalent (which curiously was easily available and cheap in my local guitar shop) and the tonal difference was so massive, I became instantly interested in guitar building and modding. I later sold the bass for profit and bought the same model, but with Ibanez SR style headstock, beech body, ash (yes) neck and two reverse P pickups. It was an inferior instrument, dull and unresponsive. After that, custom Mensfeld (the manufacture that makes Maruszczyks now), some Peaveys, many Yamahas, a few Warwick, many Fenders and a couple of FSOs.
  20. Just got some progress photos on my Buzz order 😍 photos don't do the colour justice, it's very pearly and relic'd just enough so I don't stress about dings. Great proper celluloid tort pickguard, which I chose out of many. Big fat neck with lovely rosewood, DiMarzio pickup, nickel hardware. Alder body with pre-CBS correct lacquering procedure: fullerplast followed by thin nitro.
  21. Hipshot D-Tuners (can't have a 4-string without one, at least not too long) DiMarzio "Model" pickups
  22. Restauracja Gitar in Poland do that. https://restauracja-gitar.pl/makeover-relic-2/ Clicking one image takes you to renovating options, the other one to relicing. Both can include a full nitro refin. With £1 being about 5PLN, a full strip, refin, relic, reassembly come to £250-ish, which, seeing the quality of their work, is ridiculous.
  23. Only if you read captioned lyrics, otherwise it's clearly "I will bleed, I will die" 🤔
  24. Any more of these and it would be called "flamed maple".
  25. Then again, when Nirvana became big, some people asked if it's like Pixies for Guns'n'Roses fans 🤷🏼‍♂️
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