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  1. My V4 P-type thing is the one bass that I had to buy on the spot when I only went in to get some picks. Also, the first P bass that really "did it" for me. Very solid and very responsive and lively. Great pickup and hardware. I now have a Mendel sig too, and while prettier, it isn't necessarily better in any particular area.
  2. Bass Gallery posted that they have one of the original big Origin Cali76 for sale. Seems to be the then basic version, without the transformer or parallel blend. They put it up for £950. Is this what these sell for these days? Will we mere mortals be reduced to Am*z*n brand pedals soon?
  3. Fret size and the way the nut is cut can affect the feel of the neck quite a bit too
  4. What's more mind-boggling, is why would they make a German flag themed bass in Japan 🤔
  5. The pickups themselves are probably a bit nicer too, the hardware definitely is
  6. I'll have to wait for the sale, missed preorders by like one day 😖🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Geddy Lee's "Big Book of Bass" or whatever the full title is, appears at more affordable prices occasionally (compared to when it came out), and is beautiful. I requested a copy for Xmas.
  8. I think when @AndyTravis did a search for one, maybe a year ago or so, that may have triggered me selling this now. I wasn't ready at that time though, so it kept brewing under the surface.
  9. Yeah, look at the title of what you've been watching...
  10. This Polish collab is pretty cool. What makes it special is that it was made with a single camera shot, and also that the song was actually performed while shooting (of course there were overdubs added later etc). This other version, is the guy who wrote it performing it with a system of loppers at a gig Hope you don't mind the language
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