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  1. Just a humorous jab at Peter Jackson's incapability to cut anything out. "The Hobbit" took me 2 hours to read, and a fortnight to watch 😅 Which is exactly what made him perfect for this job, and I'm loving it (as I did LOTR).
  2. I don't think the country of manufacture has anything to do with the instrument's quality itself, but from the perspective of logistics, carbon (and other stuff) footprint, customer service, local jobs etc, it's a wise and responsible move. The price increase is surprisingly low too.
  3. Beautiful. Discoloured towards green a tiny bit more and that's one of the most perfect Ps. Or, just like it is now really.
  4. Alder body, 21 frets on a 7.25" redius Richlite fretboard with very rolled edges, massive deep and wide roasted quartersawn maple neck, 2+2 headstock, Hipshot lollipop Tuners (the heavy ones) in nickel, with a d-tuner too, Hipshot vintage style bridge but with threaded saddles, reversed P pickup in middle position (E&A coil in classic spot, D&G moved towards neck), G&L humbucker at bridge (not too close), passive. Yamaha strap buttons.
  5. I know it's gone now, but it would be Raspberry Red, I've had a 415 in this colour. Very much what other companies would call Dakota Red.
  6. There's this session guy in Poland, who made playing these "commie-basses" his thing of sorts. Despite being often seen on stage with a Fender Am Dlx Jazz or an old MM Sabre, Jolana Diamant is his main recording bass. This tune from his recent (really good!) album however has a solo played on one of those Iris basses, with original strings apparently:
  7. Yeah, saw that. I believe it was "ono" too, and shipped/insured.
  8. Yup, back when I bought my £100-ish HB fretless jazz, it had rather nice Wilkinson hardware and pickups, and an ash body. Show me that in a £100 second hand Squier.
  9. Anyone care to demonstrate how the hardware on the baseline SBMM Ray 5 is any better than that on the HB? Or why buying a used HB is not being considered, so we're comparing the resale of one new to the other second hand. Surely, to anyone buying a brand new Ray 5 we could say "hey, but if you add another hundred or two, you could buy a used whatever and not lose money when you sell on" and go like that all the way up the ladder. Where did all those second hand basses start?
  10. Depends if you intend to do any heavy riffage with the open low string really.
  11. I absolutely love Hipshot D-Tuners. Have had them on most of my 4-strings over last 2 decades. Also, I haven't had (or needed) a 5-string for a few years, although I admit I miss it sometimes, because GAS. If you like doom etc, you may be familiar with the band DVNE. When I auditioned for them few years ago, my .105 E tuned down to Bb and sounded awesome via both an SVT and a Verellen Meatsmoke. On a bass that's comfortably well balanced it won't affect it much.
  12. Oh I'm sure it will totally be worth the £3k they ask, what with the cheap arm and that. "Lifestyle brand" it is then. Robotuners at NAMM 2022. On topic, I do like a sunburst with nice smooth transitions. Especially if the sides stay translucent, a tobacco burst? Really dislike the German flag 🇩🇪 finish with distinct red and black lines sprayed on.
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