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  1. There's this great guy in Glasgow, @kodiakblairwill know the details, actually I'm thinking about reaching out too about one custom thing.
  2. I tried, and while not terribly complex, footage would be somewhat NSFW
  3. Nice! I bought one exactly like it (with the original sterile white pg that it currently doesn't wear) brand new a few years ago while on a massive Khruangbin kick. One thing I especially love about it is the neck - made of super dense, even, straight quartersawn maple. One would pay a multiple of this bass' price to request this as a premium from a custom shop. Topped with an equally dense, even-grained, dark rosewood fretboard. Also, it sounds absolutely fantastic. I never looked inside, and may replace pots, socket etc one day, but the pickups are going nowhere. Thing I hate is this had the worst fretwork I've ever seen, by far. I consider myself good with these things, and managed to get it playable, with only one note in one fret of one string still creating a buzz sometimes. Will need a full refret at some point. Someone (sloppily) put three distinctly different sizes of fret wire into too shallow slots. That also means I can't get the fret ends super smooth either, as they're sitting somewhat proud. I know this is an exception and SX guitars generally have a reputation of being put together rather nicely. Still, it is a great sounding, good looking jazz bass and is here to stay.
  4. such

    NBD Buzz Hornet

    Cool! They are certainly player's instruments. Some of my favourite Polish bands' bass and guitar players use Buzzes as their main gigging tools. I've had mine for almost 10 months now and still in honeymoon, absolutely love the neck and fretwork; by far the most playable I've had in a Fender-style bass. My long-term observation is that it is also very even across the fretboard tone-wise; all notes on all strings are clear and full, with good lows, mids and highs. I contemplated a PJ initially, and Mateusz said "I can build you a P that you won't be missing the bridge pickup in", and while I certainly enjoy having a bridge pickup on some basses, I feel he delivered.
  5. I believe there's a youtube vid of that Lobster guy upgrading to EMGs and comparing.
  6. If (I think) I would use the Spectracomp to make my own presets, is there any reason not to buy the Hypergravity Mini instead, if it's cheaper and quicker to get?
  7. Nice! I'm contemplating getting one, any impressions?
  8. May be worth noting here that Mr DeLeo has a solo album coming out soon, mostly acoustic.
  9. The P bass is a burger (with s&v crisps inside when with rounds, with blue cheese when with flats). The J bass is a pizza.
  10. This thread (and a few more like it) makes me think the Spectracomp may be what I want in a compressor. Need to investigate.
  11. So we were wrong stopping Holocaust? Because injustice is only a "so-called" concept, and cruelty is natural and good for mankind's thriving? For the large majority of its history, the humankind was also shaped by not brushing their teeth and not using electronic devices. How are you doing sticking with that, in order to be a manlier blokier bloke?
  12. I'm not saying it's not an enjoyable piece of equipment. I'm saying there is an objectively correct/perfect height it should be set to, regardless of the strings and all the other setup. Having it adjustable makes finding that one height easier than filing, and reversible if one goes too low. But it also creates an opportunity for an error. Usually, when we buy a £100 bass, the nut is cut too high, and we have to work on it ourselves. Warwick charges us an extra £100, so that we can work on it ourselves. Marketing genius.
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