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  1. Then again, when Nirvana became big, some people asked if it's like Pixies for Guns'n'Roses fans 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Beautiful! I GASsed for those heavily around 1998.
  3. This being Restauracja Gitar, I'd guess it's been resprayed with nitro.
  4. I found some once 😎
  5. They are making me a P bass as we speak 😁
  6. Seriously doc, it's just a buckle rash rash.
  7. Thank you @TheGreek, I just rounded it up a little for simplicity
  8. such

    Feedback for TheGreek

    Mick mentioned having too many of those sweet white knobs, and one afternoon I asked if I could buy a couple. He sent them 1st class next morning and only wanted payment once I had them and was happy (which is the case). Top gentleman.
  9. I know, right? My dad had a red one for 20-ish years. Only ever needed minor repairs. Between its boot and a trailer, it pulled 2 tonnes of strawberries/cauliflower/daikon through a ploughed field on a daily basis.
  10. An Oly white P bass copy built in Poland? It has to be this
  11. My "one that got away" was a brand new ex-display white 1024x sold for, iirc, £340 by Promenade Music on one of the LBGS, in 2013 I think.
  12. Passive aggressive is exactly what I'm going for with this pickup.
  13. Surely it could have gone farader. Now my first HOT topic has all gone to pot.
  14. Some posts are better out of context
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