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  1. [quote name='colgraff' timestamp='1442954898' post='2870971'] John Lennon. His filter wore increasingly thin as time passed. Either that or Yoko Ono was wearing it down. [/quote] Perhaps. I think some of his finest work came in his solo years. A lot of it self indulgent and introspective but he didn't care he had money in the bank and plenty of time (or so he thought). Poor fella. A definite waste.
  2. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1442854714' post='2870036'] Tom Waits [/quote] Not sure I want to agree but I do know where you are coming from. Many of the "artists" that have been mentioned are exactly that, artists. They are knocking out music purely as an expression form and are not intending it to be popular or widely accepted. It must be a great position to be in. I envy their balls and bet my own balls that they don't give a shight about what any of us think. In the case of Tom Waits, if you look at songs like ol 55 for example. It's a perfect song arranged beautifully with amazing melody etc etc.... There's only so many of them you can write before it starts to lose its kick or edge and you begin to search for something different or some other channel of expression. I take my hat off to them, I may not like the music but I doubt very much if it's about taste or the lack of. I bet if you asked Tom waits to knock you up a few songs that people would relate to and would be widely accepted. Mellifluous songs with regular form, he'd do it standing on his head if he could be arsed.
  3. [quote name='Mickeyboro' timestamp='1442915458' post='2870412'] My intro to VM was the televised version of the show released circa 1974 as It's Too Late To Stop Now I've bought many albums and seen many shows but he never beat it... Also never seen the concert available on DVD (unless you know better). [/quote] Oooohhhh..... One of my favourites of all time. 'Bring it on home to me' is amazing.
  4. [quote name='GregBass' timestamp='1442829280' post='2869691'] Just as a point of order, can it really be very unique? Surely unique is an absolute - it can't be qualified? [/quote] Agreed.
  5. The description is unbelievable. Poor bastard.
  6. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1442572673' post='2867874'] Well, you know how it is in modern Britain in the entertainment industry! It's all about appearance and image! As usual my post was not entirely serious. Maybe I should use more smilies... [/quote] Fattist........
  7. If anybody has the time I think a playlist on YouTube or spotify would be awesome. I definitely won't get time over the next few weeks.
  8. I loved the first one it was well arranged and performed, excellent. The second one started well (Tom Petty-Breakdown) but fizzled out a bit for me. It sounds like a decent little group. For your first session recording together it was excellent. I'm very envious.
  9. [quote name='lowhand_mike' timestamp='1442408558' post='2866745'] i'd imagine that its fur-ly expensive you can pick up a reusable water otter from argos [/quote] 14 day return if things don't workout.
  10. [quote name='fingers211' timestamp='1442323698' post='2866027'] One more to add ....... https://soundcloud.com/nigel-jewell/wave-me-goodbye [/quote] Oooooohhhh that is good. I had that feeling in my head but it didn't come out anything like I wanted it too. Beautifully captured. Well done.
  11. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1442004907' post='2863828'] This is domestic issue. The export ones changed to the large Squire decal after the first couple of months. [/quote] Beautiful bass.
  12. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1442001895' post='2863793'] Domestic issue basses didn't have it, the export models for the first 8 weeks did have the small 'Squire Series' decal on the ball end of the headstock. [/quote] So is this a domestic bass or an export after the first eight weeks.
  13. [quote name='Geek99' timestamp='1441955497' post='2863174'] Totally amazing [/quote] I agree. I was amazed at what a phone app is capable of producing. I used the phones built in mic for vocals and all the instruments are the apps built in keyboards etc.... Not the loops but you know what I mean. I made about 10 songs in this way and each was of a similar standard (songwriting aside). Truly amazing app.
  14. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1441914503' post='2862982'] Seven Nation Army. I don't even like the song, but do quite enjoy playing it. Punters love it, plus it is dead easy to play. [/quote] +1
  15. Garage band on the iPhone is really useable. Check out this track I made about 2 years ago. It's got it's flaws but it was made completely on an iPhone 4 using GarageBand. https://m.soundcloud.com/theboysings/mama-leave-a-light-on-poor-boy
  16. [quote name='Geek99' timestamp='1441892639' post='2862688'] In a manner of speaking - partner was pregnant and baby popped out unexpectedly early and was in hospital for quite a while. A fellow citizen of blue's [/quote] How lovely.... I also thought you'd been banged up but I'm a sleazy no hoper.
  17. #2 if she can sing at all then she will improve. However she needs to feel like she's earned it and didn't breeze it because of her looks. Respect what she has achieved and value what she has been given. Good point from Dad. Two would be awesome.
  18. [quote name='AntLockyer' timestamp='1441868965' post='2862386'] I absolutely meant no disrespect with this post. Very hard to convey what I meant without sounding like an asshole so I just went with it. [/quote] I think if you expanded a little it may alleviate some of the sting. In its crude state it reads very disrespectfully and you do indeed come across as, in your own words "an asshole". I think I know what you are trying to say but You may have fallen a little short so perhaps a little expressive diversification is in order. i.e.(explain yourself).
  19. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1441838895' post='2862310'] Thanks guys, pics will be posted when she arrives Top o' the world! [/quote] Well done, posting the email on here was no big deal. You've done well
  20. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1441752190' post='2861567'] This isn't my entry, as it's not my track, but one that I've remixed. But it would have fitted the theme for the possible aftermath. https://soundcloud.com/xgsjx/on-the-beach-gx-mix I've made a start, just need to get working on it now. [/quote] That's a really cool trick. The voice sounds processed but it fits the track well. I love the bass sound. Really cool tune. I will be trying out this flex pitch myself.
  21. Awesome. I will be retracting this months entry and applying some flex pitch to it. 😉
  22. [quote name='Slipperydick' timestamp='1441835204' post='2862264'] Here comes the night's, another good un. [/quote] I love that one.
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